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    Below you will find the floor plans to almost all of the Master Planned community homes within Valencia California.

    Each of the floor plans was developed by the original builder and we, your local Expert Valencia Resource and Realtors, have kept track of these for our Valencia home buyers and Valencia home sellers.

    If you want to see another which is not shown here on our Valencia CA Tract Floor Plan Page – reach out to me via the form at the very bottom of this page.

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    Contact me directly to be of great assistance with all of your Valencia and Santa Clarita real estate needs. I have been representing home sellers and buyers since 1998 in the Santa Clarita and Valencia areas.

    When it comes to Valencia CA Homes and real estate, we are your hook up. Enjoy this Floor Plans page for Valencia CA homes, condos and townhomes.

    When you are looking for other Santa Clarita – Valencia Resources – hit us up via email and I’ll take GREAT care of you. BTW, you can call us at any time. I’m Connor with REMAX and I’m glad to be of service.

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    Woodlands Floorplans in Valencia Garland

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    Valencia Woodlands Ironwood Floorplans

    This site has become our Valencia Home Buyer and Seller resource system to deduce what model of the home they are living in or wanting to buy. We update our Valencia Floorplan Page often, as soon as we track down the missing floorplans.

    This has been a labor of love for myself and my Valencia CA Home Team. We look forward to passing along our love to you as your Realtors 🙂


    By the way, this is not one of those real estate sites where your personal and private information is going to be sold or traded to others that are paying for it.

    I’m a real live local Santa Clarita real estate agent. I’m Connor MacIvor, and I want to be your go-to when it comes to all things real estate. I have been representing home buyers and sellers in Valencia and Santa Clarita since 1998.

    This Floorplans of Santa Clarita and Valencia page is just one example of the work I put into hone my craft to be the best it can be for the benefit of our home sellers and our Santa Clarita home buyers.

    The floorplans will be of great assistance to you determining what type of home you want. There will also be various elevations that are also displayed. Maybe you love the Valencia home you are looking to buy, but the outside is lacking. There may be something else that was built where I can approach that homeowner to see if they are willing to sell it to you.

    Most of the Santa Clarita Valley and Valencia areas are subject to Home Owners Associations. While this can be viewed as causing unnecessary control over your own home and the way you want to change the areas in public view, it can also be viewed as a benefit. Having an active HOA will also protect you from having to look at your neighbors home when they decide to paint it with orange and black stripes, as Madonna did a while back.

    If you are looking at a floorplan and desiring to change your home to a different exterior appearance, elevation, then you may have to get the blessing of the HOA in order to do so. The nice thing is you now have the floorplan schematic showing the other floorplans and that you are not doing anything too far-fetched in wanting to change it.

    Floorplans help Feng Shui and Orientational habitants

    We also have our clients wanting to see the specific layout of the Valencia home via our Floor plan resource page. They are hitting up those who are mystic and “orientational” feng shui in approach. They can look at the layout of the home via the floorplan, then verify the orientation via google maps to see the exact directions and particular locations of the kitchen, family room, and master bedroom – etc.

    I have worked with many clients that need the master bedroom to be in a certain location per the four directions – north, south, east and west. There are particular locations that are unhealthy according to their belief systems.

    The kitchens have to be in certain areas as is also the case with the stairway and the location and direction as to where it begins and ends.

    The main family space also needs to be in the correct orientation to promote health and love.

    I’m a Realtor and I don’t judge. People are different and I’m good with that and it’s very refreshing and gives me an opportunity to learn awesome things!

    Floorplans are also beneficial when you are wanting to show what changes you may want to make in the interior of the home. They have common traits, descriptive text and they show the exterior walls and interior spaces.

    In some cases, they will also show the exterior elevations that were available when the homes were new. Elevations refer to the appearance of the homes. Choosing between Cape Cod, Mediterranean, Spanish and traditional motifs.

    There will also be details concerning the communities surrounding the homes depicted on the floorplans.

    Most of the floorplans also reflect the additional options at the time when the homes were new. You may have been able to turn an office into an additional bedroom and the 1/2 bathroom into a full bathroom.

    When you approach the homes to purchase, we will then align the floorplan with the home you are buying to determine if there was added upgrades and better choices made by the homeowner. That will also enhance your resale value over time. This is applicable if they potentially chose to have a 4th bedroom instead of a loft. The loft, at least in the present market may add $15k to the overall value of the home and an additional bedroom may equate to $30k in value increase.

    Real estate affords a home seller and home buyer a lot of choices. Those choices are best made when you have a qualified guide on your side helping you with the process from A to Z.

    I started to write about the sites that are going to take any information you give up and sell it to those wanting it. There are lots of agents who will spam you to death because they are paying for people’s information. On my site, I’m all about wanting to represent my home clients. I am in the business of being a person’s real estate consultant and representative.

    I’m not in the real estate business to sell your personal and private information to anyone when you want to get Valencia and Santa Clarita Floorplan information.

    Contact Us Now

    Any questions, comments, or feedback

    I’m Connor MacIvor. I’ve been with REMAX since 1998 and I’m proud to serve you when it comes to getting you the best real estate representation you are able to get.

    When you want floorplan information and don’t see the specific floorplan on this page or any other SCVnest blog pages, contact me directly. I’ll look into my archives and real estate files in an attempt to locate the floorplan and get it to you.

    If I cannot find it through my resources and contacts, then it does not exist. When you are ready, I have two real estate business offices and a third coming.

    Contact me directly and I will set up a private meeting with you so we can discuss and get a game plan formulated concerning your real estate needs.

    Here are some floorplan FAQs:

    Floorplans are representations of interior spaces and exterior walls related to real estate.

    Floorplans were drawn by the architect hired by the new home builder or property owner.

    Some floorplans are to scale and display a legend showing 1 cm or 1 inch equals a particular distance.

    Most floorplans display additional pages showing the various elevations, exterior appearance options, which were offered when the homes were new.

    Floorplans can change over time with different property owners. Some sellers move walls and change interior things over time.

    Floorplans, in some cases, show additional builder options and upgrades available when the homes were new.

    The Santa Clarita floorplans also have particular community information if the development had a single property owner entity – i.e. the same builder for the entire area – etc.

    Santa Clarita Floorplans is a page and website that was built by Connor T. MacIvor, a local Santa Clarita – Valencia Real estate agent.

    Santa Clarita floorplans have most of the local floorplans that have been scanned when from the brochures that have been retained by Connor T. MacIvor and other real estate agents, real estate brokers and real estate companies.

    Santa Clarita floorplans were uploaded to which is the website owned and operated by Connor T. MacIvor at REMAX.

    Santa Clarita floorplans is not a phishing website.

    Some of the Santa Clarita floorplans are massive in size. In some cases, the upload file size was limited therefore the quality of the PDF’s suffer. If you are viewing a floorplan that is blurry or you want one that is clearer in appearance, I can send individual files that are the full size via email. Just reach out to me and I will get it to you asap.

    If you don’t know what the floorplan is called or what Santa Clarita – Valencia CA home is called, send me the address and I’ll find the community, the builder and the floorplan, emailing it to you post haste.

    Be safe – search well and let me know how I may serve your real estate needs. It’s my honor!