Sold real estate listings <90 days Real Estate

    The importance of the sold real estate listings cannot be overstated.

    As long as the data is good and from a reliable source, being able to view real estate listings that have been sold is critical in being able to determine the state of the current real estate and housing market.

    Understanding the Sold Real Estate Listings

    Not all sold data is the same. Some come via the county recorders office or off of the tax accessor information pages.

    The most reliable system for sold real estate data will come from the Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service.

    Sold real estate listings, for the large majority, have made it through the finish line, but where they started is more impressive.

    The home must have been given an established listing price and value by the real estate agent hired by the home seller.

    The information must have been scrutinized by the real estate agent and even more so by the homeowner.