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    We have all of the Valencia CA areas represented on this page referring to Sold Homes and properties. In addition, you will see 90 days of sold listings.

    90 Sold Data for Valencia CA Homes and Real Estate

    There are currently 14 areas in Valencia CA.

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    For Valencia CA home buyers

    Why sold real estate listings for Valencia CA? For those home buyers that are interesting in buying a Valencia CA home.

    There are a lot of games being played online that does not benefit any of the home buyers interested in Valencia CA.

    The home buyers want to see “real and verifiable” listings. They don’t want guessing, conjecture, or estimations. They want the real data directly from the source, which happens to be the actual Multiple Listing Service.

    It’s nice being able to see a home that is in the area the Valencia home buyer wants to buy. A home that is like one they desire or interested in. A system that allows the home buyers to get the other related real estate information concerning those sold listings. Being able to compare, as an appraiser would, without all of the schooling and journeyman work.

    The sold listing data is from 90 days in the past. Appraisers would rather use that time frame than 180. However, most appraisal guidelines allow for the greater 6-month research.

    For Valencia CA home sellers

    For a Valencia CA home seller to find out what their home is “really” worth, that requires calculations by an expert salesperson in Valencia CA.

    However, this is a great way for those who are interested in Valencia CA to find out what their neighbors homes have “really” sold for. The meaning of “really” has to do with some home sellers not wanting to give up the real number while in escrow, when their neighbors ask.

    The regular homeowner, wanting to monitor their real estate values can also access this page showing the Sold Real estate by area/neighborhood in Valencia CA.

    A potential real estate seller that lives in Valencia CA will glean a lot of information about the current housing market and be enabled by the numbers and timeliness of the real estate data I’m posting on our Valencia Sold Page.

    During my time representing Valencia CA homeowners and buyers, I have seen a lot of changes to the data that is obtainable by those wanting to find it. So much exists in the way of misleading intel. Data that has been manipulated to show information which will elicit a particular response. I’m not a fan of that game and would rather be straight from the source.