Houses for sale in Canyon Country Real Estate

    There is so much a buyer needs to know when it comes to buying a home that is for sale in Canyon Country California.

    Canyon Country is located on the east side of the Santa Clarita Valley. When people speak about Canyon Country most people consider the main freeway access point to be the 14 freeway. Just south of Canyon Country the 14 freeway meets up with the 5 freeway, then the 5 Continues to intersect the 405 Freeway. If one were to continue on the 5 freeway you’d intersect the 170 Hollywood freeway then take that to the 101 freeway.

    Back to the 5 freeway – that continues through East Los Angeles, east South Los Angeles – and beyond to San Diego.

    Canyon Country real estate consists of several varying types. The elevations are similar depending on the housing tract and have the single story and multiple story varieties.

    Canyon Country housing type – Condominiums

    Condominiums are available in Canyon Country CA. A Condominium, aka Condo, is typically considered a single level apartment style type of housing. Depending on the floor level, condos inherently share something with other units. Maybe walls, floors, and ceilings. Depending on the location it could be all three that are shared with other condos. Laundry facilities can be in a specific room with coin driven machines. Some condos have individual laundry spaces, some are smaller stackable spaces, within the units themselves.

    Some of the condo’s we sell used to be apartment buildings which experienced a condo conversion. So hence some strange addresses and unit numbers that are not applicable any longer.

    That is why with this type of housing, buyer due diligence should be paid strict attention to. Meaning, you need to check out your neighbors by a face to face doorknocking once you get into escrow before you spend money. Knock on the surrounding neighbor’s doors and let them know you will be moving in to (and identify the location). Then ask them how they like living there and if they are “owners or renters”. You will then want to ask them if there is anything you should be on the lookout for. They will assume you mean crazy people. And then is exactly who you mean.

    Living in a Canyon Country condo will put you into close proximity with other people who live there. It’s very important that you size up your neighbors and find out if you are going to be happy there, at least to the best of your ability.

    Canyon Country condos will be Home Owners Association controlled. The owner of the condo will be making payments to the HOA on a monthly basis. The HOA fee’s collected in some cases pay for water and or trash. Most of the condo complexes in Canyon Country also have child play areas with weight facilities and condo pool(s). Parking at most condos is secured tandem full lot parking behind gates and grates. Some of the local condos in Canyon Country have unsecured carport parking and others have a tandem and single garage spaces located beneath the units, which are assigned by a size corresponding to bedroom count for the specific unit numbers.

    Street parking is also available at most Canyon Country condominium complexes. However, we always advise our condo buyers to go back during the night hours and on weekends to see how “tight” the surrounding parking is. You will also want to follow up with the HOA specifically, log who you spoke with and have them explain the parking regulations that you will have held against you after you move in.

    *During escrow, you will get some documents that the seller will pay for and produce known as CC&R’s. Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. These are the rules for you being a homeowner who lives in the complex. They restrict things like the size, number and types of pets you can have. They will speak about issues that will arise if you wash your car in public, for example. They are extremely important to know before you close the deal so if there is something you cannot live with, you can back out and retain your deposit. There are contractual time frames to have these documents surrendered to you, ask your agent what those are and what happens if those timeframes are violated by the home seller and their escrow company.

    Canyon Country housing type – Townhomes

    Canyon Country town-houses and town-homes. Canyon Country CA does have townhomes for sale. A town-home is typically a living space with multiple stories where no one lives above or below you. Most townhomes are in cluster format in Canyon Country CA. There are several units per cluster and most of the complexes offer interior laundry, within the town-homes themselves and the associations provide for locked gates, a recreation room and pool(s).

    The townhome parking consists typically of garages, where some have direct access to the interior of the townhomes. Some are attached to the building but require a walk across a public pathway in order to gain access to the townhome’s front door.

    There are also other parking options, like street parking. However, in some townhome complexs, some of the street parking is restricted to make way for fire trucks and emergency personnel. I always tell my townhome clients to ensure they go to the property, right after the opening of escrow, and have a look at the parking situation, if it will be needed by you as the new owner, on weekends and weeknights. See How the parking stacks up and make sure you are still good to move forward with your purchase of a Canyon Country townhome.

    Most town-homes have separate utilities, so it’s a homeowners or tenants responsibility to sign up for an account with the electric company, gas company, trash company, and water company. Internet and entertainment typically don’t come with townhome or condo sales.

    *CC&R’s – make sure you read about these in details within the Canyon Country Condo intel that I wrote about above. – Look for the (*).

    Canyon Country housing type – SFR, Single Family Residence

    Within this criteria, you will have mainly stick built homes including those located on Acreage in Canyon Country – view Sand Canyon Real Estate, which is a majority horse property, and other Canyon Country residences that are either attached or detached, priced to millions of dollars, newer construction and homes built in the mid 1900’s.

    Some of the Single-family homes in Canyon Country have a Home Owners Association associated with living there. Even though these homes are not part of a condo or townhome complex, they are single-family homes, there is an overseeing entity and that is the Home Owners Association.

    Canyon Country is not alone with having Single Family homes with HOA’s. There are many different communities that have HOA’s in place throughout the Santa Clarita Valley.

    Some hate them, but most don’t due to the protections and enforcement mechanisms they provide. You will not have your neighbor paint their home striped like Madonna did to her’s so many years ago. According to her neighbors, the home created quite the eyesore.

    When these single-family homes have HOA’s – and you have a neighbor that is breaking the rules, a simple phone call will get them to be put on notice to stop what they are doing that is in violation of the CC&R’s.

    Buying a Canyon Country home like a cop

    When buying single-family homes in Canyon Country, it’s important for a buyer to do their due diligence. It all starts with knowing where these homes are located, eyeballing future development in unincorporated areas that will impact the future of your homeownership.

    Knocking on the doors of the homes located on either side of the one you are buying. Door knocking the homes across the street and those who share property boundaries which are behind yours. If you knock on enough doors introducing yourself, you will find the “Chatty Kathy” of the neighborhood. She/He will tell you what is going on and who is who. It is also a great way to size up your neighbors to see if this is where you want to live.

    With any real estate in Canyon Country, or elsewhere, you are also going to want to search the Megan’s Law database searching for any registered sexual predators. Make a call to the local law enforcement entity. For Canyon Country, it’s the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Speak with the person who answers the phone and inquires as to who you’d speak with to find out crime-related issues in a particular neighborhood by address. When you do so, you will find they will answer your questions directly, or they will refer you to a senior lead officer, patrol deputy or detective.

    There are also online systems and apps you can download which map crime. Just make sure you are careful to whom you are giving up your personal and private information. Those systems, at least some, take a person’s personal and private information and sell it to those willing to pay for it.

    You will also notice that once you do, on some of those Canyon Country crime mapping systems, that you will start to have ads follow you when online and during your social media sessions.

    I don’t agree with those standards and hate spam as much as you. Don’t even get me started on Artificial intelligence and robo dialers 🙁

    Canyon Country school verification

    Something that is not information for most, but some, regarding schools and children attending private or public schools in Canyon Country. I do have a map that shows the break down for where you live and what schools your kids will be attending in Canyon Country.

    However, that map is only so good. I always advise my clients to call the Board of Education in Canyon Country, or in the city in which they want to live, speak to a live person and get them to advise you what school your kids will be attending. Then get the person’s email address and follow up with them restating what they told you, just to be sure.

    If they don’t respond to your email, then call again and have them check their spam. Make sure they respond. You don’t want to think your kids are going to a particular school when they are going to completely different Canyon Country School.

    Putting the big promises in writing

    Another word about communication with your Canyon Country home loan lender and other’s that are involved in the home buying process. If they give you critical information about your Canyon Country real estate purchase, follow up those conversations in writing in email format. Not Text, not verbal or voicemail, but a direct email to the person who gave you the critical information.

    The information I would consider critical in a Canyon Country home purchase.

    Promise of interest rate amount?

    Promise of what the loan fee’s are?

    Down payment amount required?

    When is the closing date going to be?

    Insurance quotes and coverage.

    Home Owners CC&R’s and contact phone numbers

    Statements like you will earn a particular amount of equity in the next few years, guaranteed.

    Or other Statements like you are buying and won’t lose money!

    I know some of these follow-up questions or validations are a bit “off of the cuff”, but you want to be sure you are well protected.

    When firing off email’s like these to verify if what you were told you understood, make sure you CC me, your Canyon Country Realtor on each of them.

    That way I can also field the questions and let you know if it’s my experience that those particular statements are click-bait or teasers. Things that the person promising has no way or desire to fulfill but is using to get you to sign on the line which is dotted.

    I’m Connor MacIvor, I have been selling Canyon Country real estate since 1998 and have represented thousands of real estate clients overall. I will be here for you when you are ready and please let other’s know about my SCVnest system for Canyon Country homes and real estate. I’ll be here and please be safe.