Homes for sale in Valencia CA Real Estate

    There are a lot of considerations when wanting to approach Homes for Sale in Valencia CA. I will start with the basics and then get into what a home buyer and home seller can expect and what they should watch out for pertaining to real estate in Valencia California.

    Valencia California is a city within the Santa Clarita Valley. The Santa Clarita Valley is home to Six Flags Magic Mountain and also houses the cities of Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus and Stevenson Ranch. Valencia CA is more 5 Freeway Friendly than it is 14 Freeway friendly.

    The 5 Freeway runs on the Western side of the Santa Clarita Valley and the 14 Freeway runs on the Eastern side of the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

    Both the 5 Freeway and the 14 Freeway meet where the 14 Freeway ends as it merges into the 5 Freeway just south of the Santa Clarita Valley.

    Valencia CA is mostly served by the Five Freeway from Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley from the south. From the North, the city of Valencia is served by Castaic, Palmdale, Frazier Park, Fort Tejon, Bakersfield and areas in-between. Areas out west via the 126 Freeway, Ventura County also commute to the Valencia CA hub.

    Valencia does have a corporate component with light to heavy industrial and commercial centers.

    Valencia CA is also the home of the Westfield Shopping Mall, which is massive with everything you could ever want 🙂

    Something else that is super great which we inform our Valencia CA home buyer is the fact that Valencia is a master planned community. Most of the power lines are run underground throughout the neighborhoods and we have the best paseo system one can find in Southern California.

    Paseos are the walking/biking paths that run throughout Valencia. Maintained and expanded by the Santa Clarita Neighborhood Services Department, a Resident of Valencia enjoys over 80 miles of picturesque trails and 20 miles of paved paseo. These have been designed for commute purposes and for recreational use – such as skating, jogging, running, biking and walking!

    Approaching buying a Valencia CA home for sale

    First considerations a home buyer should have a concern whether Valencia CA is the optimum place for them to live. Maybe one of the other Santa Clarita Valley cities may be a better fit. When thinking about freeway proximity and access, thinking located to the SCV market hub and entertainment centers – It’s hard to get better than living in Valencia.

    Schools are another consideration for those who have or are going to have kids. Most of the Valencia CA schools are Blue-Ribbon awarded in nature. Just make sure you call the school board before you get too deep into escrow with the Valencia CA home you are buying. Make sure your kids or future children are going to the school’s you have intended. It is not a good thing to think they are going to school A, only to find out, when the time comes they are going to be attending school B. Of course, it’s all done telephonically for the most and is verified by the address of the Valencia CA home you will be buying. Just make sure you get a name and email address, so you can verify what you were told as being true – Just in Case!

    Now, what type of home do you want? Maybe I should say what type of Valencia CA living can you afford?

    We run the gamut from less expensive apartment to condominium conversions within Valencia CA to more expansive execute and luxury homes.

    Considerations when buying a Valencia CA Condominium

    For most people, a Condo is a great entry point. In Valencia, CA condos are typically designed as single level apartments. Some have laundry facilities within the community, a few have private laundry facilities within the condo. Sometimes, knowing what the one you want to buy has it not readily identifiable on the MLS sheet – I will find out when you express interest during me finding out what your real estate needs are.

    Another item to consider is going to be proximity to the freeway for your commuters. Check the map and implement the drive time app to check on placement for any real estate you are considering purchasing.

    When buying a Valencia CA condo, you are going to be close to your neighbors. You may have neighbors on top, below and to each side of your condo. That makes this next step very important. When in escrow, before you have the home appraised, pay for the home inspection or pay for the termite report – door knock your neighbors. Talk to them, find out how they like or dislike living in that complex. You will find out if you living in that particular condo complex is a good fit.

    There is going to be a Home Owners Association on all Valencia Condos. The HOA will have a set of rules that you will be given in escrow. Don’t take them for granted, they will impact your happiness, so make sure you read them and understand what restrictions they contain. Also, ask for the phone number to the HOA so you can clarify anything you are confused about. If they tell you something that goes against what you have read, get their email and then send them an email to clarify what they told you, for insurance.

    Find out what specifically the HOA pays for. Sometimes exterior maintenance. Sometimes HOA’s pay for trash and water. Sometimes HOA fee’s pay for other things. It’s good to know what they pay for and what they don’t so you can make better decisions as to whether to buy or not to buy.

    Parking at the Valencia CA condos are typically assigned carport parking, some do have tandem garages, but not many. Street parking and inner complex parking is also available, don’t take for granted, it’ll be available when you need inter-community parking. It will depend on how many other people use it. Visit the condo at night and on weekends, at other times than when you viewed it in person. Do this to verify that you understand about the availability of the parking at different hours and on different days of the week.

    If you are an FHA or VA buyer, the specific complex containing the Valencia Condos will have to have been approved to allow you to use either of those loan types. VA – Veterans Administration loan, used by Veterans of our United States Military. FHA Loan, Federal Housing Administration, 3.5% down loans on approved housing for everyone who is able to qualify.

    Property Type – Valencia CA Townhomes and Townhouses

    Valencia CA homes for sale include townhomes and townhouses. The descriptive types are interchangeable. The difference between condos and townhomes are townhomes are typically more than one level and only share walls at the most. They typically don’t share ceilings or floors, with no one above you or below.

    Parking at a Townhome in Valencia usually includes a garage with direct access to the interior of the townhome. In some cases, there will be the tandem type of garage spaces where the garage is shared by another unit. Street parking and inter-community parking is also available, sometimes requiring permits, some do not.

    Home Owners Associations, HOA’s are in force at the Valencia CA townhome communities. That being said, the same rules apply with VA and FHA loans – the complex has to be approved for loans of these types.

    The necessary review of the communication rules, the CC&R’s, is very important as well when buying a Valencia Townhome. The follow-up phone calls to the HOA to get clarification to your questions is paramount as is the follow-up emails for any verbal deviations from what the documents say.

    While you are not in as close proximity to living in a Valencia CA townhome, you are close to your neighbors. Do the door knocking drill here as well. The earlier the better. You will find the chatty person who will give up all the gossip within the cluster/complex. Don’t forget this step.

    Some Townhome HOA fee’s cover exterior maintenance. Sometimes they also cover things like trash and water. Make sure you know what they cover so you can make your best buying decisions.

    Single Family Homes in Valencia – type 3

    Considering that we have covered information about Condos and Townhomes in Valencia CA, the next property type will be Single-Family Homes – both attached and detached.

    With attached Single-Family Homes in Valencia. You will see that typically a garage wall is shared with the joined unit. Both have their own front and backyards. Fencing runs in between their backyards, and sometimes between their front yards. One of the important things to have checked out is insurance claims where a neighboring unit may cause your insurance premium to be higher than inspected.

    The neighbor may have had a leak that caused the unit you are buying to flood also, thereby making an insurance claim necessary. I know about this, so I would remind you if this was your circumstance and you wanted to buy an attached Valencia CA home.

    Detached Single Family Homes – this is the typical type of housing where we have a majority in the City of Valencia CA. Stand-alone residential real estate. Most have shared fences and fencing. Other than that, the rules for Single Family Home living apply.

    Always, the same with any real estate purchase, do your buyer due diligence and speak with the neighbors that have the most direct impact with the home you are buying. The neighbors on either side, the neighbors across the street from you and the neighbors to the rear. Make contact with any other resident who has their property line touching your property line in any way, shape or form.

    Upon them answering their door, tell them who you are, introduce yourself. “Hi, I’m Connor and this is Delilah, we are buying the home next door and wanted to introduce ourselves.”

    “How do you like the neighborhood?’ “Laughing, are there any questionable people we should know about?”

    Those three questions should do their best to open the floodgates of information, but should also keep the conversations short without being too intrusive.

    Plus, it gives you an idea as to who you will be living next to, across from, or behind for the next few years.

    All things considered

    With new homes in Valencia CA – we represent our clients here. You may not be able to meet your neighbors here, but you will be able to conduct other investigations and ask other questions which will be beneficial.

    When I represent our clients and you with new homes in Valencia I want to know about all of the costs of living. Mello Roos, does it have them, can they be increased, when do they end and what does it take for them to end? How much are the HOA fee’s, can they be increased? What does the HOA cover?

    I always ask what future development is going to happen in the way of new Valencia housing. That is going to have a direct impact on freeway traffic and neighborhood traffic as well. I want to explore what shopping centers are in close proximity and consider how crowded they will be when all the building is completed.

    Having an expert Valencia CA agent on your side when selling or buying in Valencia is very important. I always cover all the bases with those trust me to be their representative with regard to Valencia CA homes for sale.

    I’m Connor MacIvor and I have been representing those Valencia Buyers and Sellers since 1998. I will be there for you when you are ready to approach re-sale, new homes or to have m list and sell your Valencia CA real estate for top dollar. Please share this information page for Valencia CA real estate with those you know who could use an Expert real estate consultant and advisor.

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