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    Thanks for taking the time to check out our real estate guide about the commute from Santa Clarita Valley to various parts of Los Angeles City.

    I was a motor cop for the LAPD and did the commute for over 18 years from the Santa Clarita Valley cities to various parts of Los Angeles.

    Some of those whom I cited would request a change of venue to downtown Los Angeles. That was a brisk 45-minute ride from the Santa Clarita Valley. That was more accurately from Newhall – access via Wiley Canyon to Calgrove to the 5 freeway south. If I were to do that drive at 8:45 – I would be on the way in a car for 1 hour and 15 minutes, without any sig alerts or crashes.

    For special events and deployment during fires, floods, earthquake, and other wonders, I would have to respond to our furthest south end division. Harbor Division LAPD. That drive was just over 1 hour and I would take Wiley to Calgrove to the 5 to the 170 freeway to the 101 freeway to the 110 harbor freeway. Depending on the time of day. I would stay on the 5 freeway and take the 110 interchange from there. If traffic was even worse – I would stay on the 5 to the 10 to the 110. Each of these changes would add about 15 minutes to my commute from the Santa Clarita Valley.

    The 405 freeway was also utilized for my drive from the Santa Clarita Valley. However, that access point is along the 5 freeway about 12 miles south of the southern border of Santa Clarita Valley.

    One thing you may not know about the commute to Los Angeles from the Santa Clarita Valley is we share our southern border with the northern border of the City of Los Angeles. The area of Los Angeles of which I speak happens to be the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles California.

    If your commute is to the SFV – you will be happy to know you are less than 20 minutes away, depending on where you will be working.

    Within the Santa Clarita Valley, the question comes in, regarding the commute or how about the commute to the Freeway from the various cities within the SCV.

    First off – let’s talk about the freeways that mainly service the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. There are two major freeways that enter the Santa Clarita Valley.

    One on the east side and one of the west side. The freeways form a Y of sorts. As depicted in the photo:

    This is the x motor cops best assessment of the travel times from the areas within the Santa Clarita Valley to the various freeways so you can make your commute to the Greater Los Angeles areas.

    This map was created by yours truly and depicts the travel times from various residences to the 14 freeway and the 5 freeway.

    If you are deep within Saugus or the further reaches of Canyon Country – you will be at max 15 minutes until you reach the 5 or the 14 freeway.

    These travel times for the Santa Clarita homes and commute times are at high travel times. Peak Traffic times are between the hours of 8 am and 10 am. In the PM the peak traffic times are 4 pm to about 6 pm. This depends on the traffic, accidents, police activity, weather, and other factors.

    When I was a motor cop for the LAPD I was assigned to a community traffic unit where I fielded and corrected issues that residents had with cut through traffic. My main “pain point” was the cut-throughs from the Southern San Fernando Valley over the hill, Mulholland into Beverly Hills, Century City, and Downtown Los Angeles.

    The residents on these “cut through” streets had a huge traffic volume increase during the AM times. Some of these drivers were “Indy Centerric” in their driving style, creating a public safety risk.

    In the Santa Clarita Valley – the master-planned community of Valencia, we see our “Cut Through” knowledge as being necessary when the two freeway arteries are concerned.

    Of course, These tips don’t involve the “same cut through” issues I experienced in the San Fernando Valley Cities.

    These are “alternate” routes that are accessible without putting local residents in jeopardy.

    The Old Road – This street continues all the way through Castaic and a bit further north. From the northernmost point in Castaic, it drops down through the Santa Clarita Valley and is mostly just west of the 5 freeway.

    You can continue on The Old Road where you can avoid the 5 freeway all of the way to San Fernando Road or Balboa Blvd, both major arteries within the San Fernando Valley. San Fernando road will take you to connect to Los Feliz Blvd in Griffith Park. Of course, after you go through Burbank and Glendale. Balboa Blvd will take you through Granada Hills, Northridge, Reseda, and Encino.

    If you are attempting to avoid the 14 freeway, is it’s backed up or swollen beyond what you are willing to deal with, you can use Railroad – aka the “old San Fernando Road”. Bouquet Canyon and Railroad Ave meet at Magic Mountain Parkway. South from Magic Mountain Parkway, the name of the road is Railroad. The railroad continues south through Newhall and ends just past the Train Station where it will merge into Newhall Ave.

    Newhall Ave. will continue to your “alternate route”, Sierra Highway. Sierra Highway “northbound” will take you through to the Antelope Valley. South on Sierra Highway from Newhall Ave. will have you going to Sylmar where you will be able to take Rinaldi to a north-south major street for heading south. You will also be able to use San Fernando Road to head through the San Fernando Valley – east of the 5 freeway – through Burbank and Glendale – finally reaching the 5 freeway close to Griffith Park.

    Both Bouquet Canyon(Railroad Ave turns into this street at Magic Mountain Parkway, as a reminder) and Sierra Highway will take you to the Antelope Valley if you were to head in a northbound direction on either.

    Inter Santa Clarita Valley cut-throughs – Newhall Ranch Road meets and changes into Golden Valley Road. If you are not a speeder, then your commute won’t involve you speaking with a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy – they frequent these fast and highly trafficked roadways.

    If you wanted to get from the 14 side of the Santa Clarita Valley are were north of Golden Valley – I would use Golden Valley to Newhall Ranch road to get on the other side of the SCV in the fastest way.

    If you are south of Golden Valley on the east side of the SCV – you might want to consider doing the bottom of the V – you’d take the 14 freeway south to the northbound 5 freeway or visa versa.

    Valencia Blvd was the old standard until Newhall Ranch Road and Golden Valley were built, and it still works well if you time your speed correctly, you can go from one side of the Santa Clarita Valley to the other without stopping.

    These are workarounds to get you to your destination fastest when you are living in the Santa Clarita Valley. If the 14 freeway, the 5 freeway, 405, 170, and 101 freeways are backed up, you figure it out, these are great options.

    Now, how do you know whether or not you are ‘on the fastest route’ from the Santa Clarita Valley to the Greater Los Angeles areas at the time of day, on the specific day you are going?

    This one I love – download the Waze app. When I’m leaving from the SCV, going anywhere, I use this app. If you view time as very valuable, as do I, it’s necessary.

    Thanks for taking the time to see what the commute is like when living in the Santa Clarita Valley to Los Angeles and further regions in California.

    I remember the first time I drove with the family to the Santa Clarita Valley from a home we were renting in Burbank, 926 W. Palm.

    I thought to myself, “Wow, Santa Clarita Valley is so far…” We bought a home, so I must have gotten over it 🙂 – Let me know when you are ready for my assistance.