How to prepare your home for sale like a professional

    If you want to the true value of your Santa Clarita Valley home, don’t rely on Zillow or Trulia, they are real estate syndication websites.

    Let a professional give you what your home is worth at today’s market value!

    • Video 1 – Pre packing and preparing your home to be sold by Paris911/SCVnest group.
    • Video 2 – Why a home doesn’t sell
    • Video 3 – Turning a Family home into a Model Home
    • Video 4 – Depersonalizing your home, condo or townhome to get it sold
    • Video 5 – Preparing Mail Selling Rooms
    • Video 6 – Preparing your home for sale
    • Video 7 – Winter Curb Appeal, even in California!
    • Video 8 – Simple Facts to Help Sell your Home
    • Video 9 – Furniture Placement
    • Video 10 – Flooring
    • Video 11 – Air Quality – make a friend of Febreze(original, not scented!)
    • Video 12 – Top 5 issues in Preparing your home for sale
    • Video 13 – Deal Makes for Home Buyers – what to pay attention to
    • Video 14 – Preparing your home for sale for the right buyer
    • Video 15 – Home Inspection made easy
    • Video 16 – Features of your home that will attract buyers

    While this is not an exhaustive list – our Video series is full of great intel on the best way to prepare your home for sale by our SCVnest-Paris911 Real Estate Group in Santa Clarita Valley.

    We have a couple of interesting real estate articles we have written on our Santa Clarita real estate blog for your reading and educational pleasure.

    Read how to prepare your home for a real estate photographer

    Find out our real estate comfort zone – how far do we go?

    Taking into account we are able to selling homes and real estate in all of Southern California, most times a phone call is enough to get us to evaluate just how far we will go.

    The rule we have is we will go as far as our clients want us to go as long as the distance would not negate from us being able to provide the best in real estate protection, security and representation.


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