Does it have mello roos

    SantaClaritaREMAXRealEstateandRealtorsMello roos and special assessments are additional taxes a homeowner may have to pay when buying real estate.

    New homes are more famous for mello roos than re-sale – more about that below.

    However, these extra taxes pay for various things. Schools, infrastructure, street lighting, sidewalks, streets and public safety.

    Before their advent – the builders would “front” the money to pay for these items.

    Today, the home builders have found that home buyers are willing to pay them, at least to a point.

    Mello roos in Santa Clarita Valley, Valencia and in other SCV Cities, exists. It’s not the “Yeti”, where there is still speculation posed as to whether it exists – Mello Roos is all too real in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    We have built a system for you to use when wanting to know if a particular property has Mello Roos.

    This system works in all of Southern California and also where we are Headquartered in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

    View the New Homes in Santa Clarita

    Santa Clarita Valley has many developments that have various amounts of Mello Roos. If you are talking about new homes and new real estate construction sites. We will run the interference for you at each of the new home sites within the Santa Clarita Valley.

    This is the first question we ask and we also want it in writing. We don’t want any of our New Home clients to get bad intel. That is our clients ask us to represent them at the new home centers with the new Santa Clarita home builders.

    If the home happens to not be new, but is on the resale market, we have one of our Title Officers pull the tax rolls and we get them to you so you can view the special assessments and mello roos yourself.

    Real Estate is all about Disclosure – finding out everything you can about a home, before you sign on the dotted line. I’m all about that for our real estate clients. I am a Real Estate Protector and server!!!

    Join our Team if you are like minded!!!

    Does it have Mello Roos?

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