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    When we bought our first home, Paris and I found out quickly there was a mechanism in place that would make the finding of new homes and new real estate listings very difficult. At that time, the only place to find what homes were for sale was to drive around a specific neighborhood you had interest in, look at the newspaper, or contact a local realtor.

    The Driving Method:

    This is still very popular today. I get a ton of sign calls (industry term) for those people who are driving around, see my real estate for sale sign, and call me directly to inquire about the home we have listed for sale.

    This works, to a point. There is no knowing for sure whether the home is still for sale, in escrow or being pre-marketed. Of course, until they speak with me. Some agents use this as a type of trap. Getting the caller to give up who they are so they can be added to the agent’s database or passed on as a real estate lead.

    If you like the agent, then you will probably have no issue, if they are knowledgeable and experienced. Only time will tell if that is the case.

    If you are like most people, just curious, the last thing you want is to encounter more spam in the way of quid pro quo. Having to give up something to get something. That is just rude and not how I operate, just sayin’.

    The Newspaper Method:

    This one worked better than the driving method until caller identity and the 800 number traps became run of the mill.

    With Caller ID – the agent you are calling has your info. If you are just inquiring that is not a good thing, for the most part, depending if they have my values in mind.

    The 800 Traps were very popular. Call this 800 number and enter code #98993 to get all of the information to this listing. The recorded information would come across as your personal information was recorded and emailed to the agent.

    OMT – regarding newspapers. They ran very simar to the real estate publications. There was no police or enforcement mechanism. A real estate agent, if unethical, could publish any home in it. Set any price and wait for the calls to come in from the unsuspecting public. This is never a good way to do business.

    The only for sure way to find the homes for sale is via the Multiple Listing Service owned and operated by the Board of Realtors.

    The Agent Method:

    Depending if you are promised to another realtor or not, this could be the best bet. However, back in the day, when Paris and I were screwed when buying our first home, the agent we contacted first, was, unknown to us, going to take full advantage of us and our inexperience.

    At that time, the agents controlled the listings and it was not easy getting them to give up theirs to the other real estate agents who had buyers.

    Today’s real estate:

    Thank God that has changed for the better. Today the mantra is, “it’s easy to find the homes for sale, it’s hard to buy them…”

    You see all of the listing aggregators being advertised. They are now selling a person’s private information to the local real estate agents in the form of leads. I will tell you some agents pay more than $10,000 a month for these leads. Business for the real estate syndication websites is booming. However, it’s not good if you want to keep your personal information protected.

    Remember when I spoke about the publication print, newspapers and real estate publications having no “authority” to ensure they are accurate. The same can be said about some of the real estate syndication websites. Be careful.

    The best search engine for homes:

    A local website, owned by an agent who is experienced and knowledgeable, who only takes “enough business” and not more than they can handle. A Realtor who is willing to sit down with every buyer and seller, discussing their best options and formulating a game plan on achieving the real estate goals decided upon.

    We have our system, which feeds directly on the Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service, it’s wonderful, updates quickly and has all of the real estate listings for sale.

    I’m Connor MacIvor, I’m glad to be of service and I know you are that I am too 🙂 I’m the breath of fresh air in real estate and I’ll be here for you and yours when you are ready.

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