Daily Foreclosure Feed – Eat Up – the New Foreclosures are below – Less than 24 hours listed!

    On this page – you will find all of the New Foreclosure Listings that are New on the Market in Southern California.  Each of the listings below has been on the market for a period of time less than 24 hours.  Even the Syndication Websites cannot promise those kind of “compressed DOM” time frames.

    Bookmark this page and check back often. This a great portal for investors and those of you that want to make their residence of choice a Foreclosure Property.

    The timeliness of this page is due to the constrictive nature of the Foreclosure market.  In fact, in some cases, it is best to hit the foreclosure seller early with an offer.  That is the reason we have published this page.  The map below will show you all of the Foreclosure properties that have been on the market less than 24 hours.

    Below the Map – you will see the top 50 Most Recent Released Foreclosures. – If you want “market analysis” or values on any of the properties below before you send in your offer – we have resources for that.

    Click here to get the Paris911 estimate of Value directly from the Source Data.

    If you want us to write you an offer on any of the homes, condo’s or town-homes below – click here.


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