SCVnest Crash Course on Real Estate for Buyers

    Crash Course on Real Estate – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires
    We cover this entire presentation in our offices for First time, seasoned home buyers and investors. We give intel related to varying strategies that will be most helpful to each type of home buyer. Whether you are looking to buy a condo, townhome or single family home, we have you covered with our Crash Course on Real Estate.

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    Topics covered in our real estate offices, over the phone or at some ‘pre designated’ off site location will be the following:

    • Crash Course on real estateLenders and Lending
    • Communication
    • Searching
    • Online Resources
    • In person viewing
    • Comps and Offering
    • Counters and Acceptance
    • Opening of escrow
    • The Escrow Process
    • Inspections $ – Appraisal $
    • Request for Repairs / Credit / Response
    • Closing
    • Possession

    I get into exacting detail enough for each of the Crash Course topics to keep the discussion interesting and not boring. These are all things which are necessary to know before you take a step into the home buying ring.

    During our topical discussion within our Crash Course on real estate format, we also speak about:

    • How to get your best deal on a home loan
    • Finding the best interest rate
    • Buying a home for less than fair market value
    • How to finesse a real estate seller for your advantage
    • Benefits of having us as your representatives with New Construction
    • How our services are completely FREE to every single home buyer
    • What your fee’s are when buying a home and how to get the seller to pay them
    • Closing without having to make a payment for almost two months
    • and Much more…

    When venturing into the home buyer arena, you need to be prepared. We do this in our Crash Course on real estate.

    If you want to share this page and presentation feel free. If you are working with a Realtor, please let them know this is how you want their presentation to be formatted.

    This way nothing will be left out and you will be well prepared to buy real estate. I’m Connor with HONOR and I’m glad to be of service. When you are ready, reach out and we will get your Crash Course on real estate scheduled.

    Please let those whom you know, who are interested in buying real estate, about us. I’ll be there for them as I will be for you.

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