Contact my team when wanting to buy a New Built Home aka: New Construction Housing

    Make sure you contact my Paris911 Team before you visit the New Home Centers!!!

    Why?  Because we have a *secret weapon!

    661-400-1720 <–click to email

    (say “I want a new home”)

    The best way in which to buy a new home, or at least start the journey is to contact a local Realtor Team that has hired those that have worked as sales reps for the new home builders.

    *Secret Weapon: We hired a New Home Agent directly from the new Santa Clarita Home Builders. She knows the in’s and out’s of how the New Home Tracts work and how to get our clients the best deal with regard to a new home purchase!

    This is critical when it comes to you having the insider scoop when having us approach the new home centers.

    We have two, and they have trained our other Paris911 at REMAX team members on what to watch out for and how to give our Paris911 new housing clients, anywhere in Southern California, the best advantage when purchasing a new home, condo or town-home directly from the builder.

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