Buy a home in Santa Clarita Valley or elsewhere! Imagine buying your dream home. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

    make sure you are well protected when it comes to buying real estateBuying real estate is a big deal. We treat it as such. We represent our first time and many time home buyers as we would want to be treated if we were seeking wise counsel and representation.

    So many real estate agents take home buyers for granted. They consider it their “own right” to be the real estate agent from an ego-driven point of view.

    I’ve been selling real estate, representing home buyers, first time through the investors, since 1998.

    My driving force behind me entering the real estate business after a great career in Law Enforcement – LAPD 1990-2013, was because both Paris, my wife, and I were taken advantage of by the agent we selected in 1996.

    It was horrible and while I finally was able to get retribution, it was an experience I would not have wished on my enemy!

    It was so bad it drove me to become a Realtor in order to protect and serve home buyers and sellers real estate needs.

    I was already doing the protect and serve action when a full-time cop, this transition was a Blessing to me and my family and our exclusive clientele.

    I entered the real estate business in 1998. I could not keep up while having a full-time job. Paris observed this and she became the Lead Realtor with REMAX’s Paris911 Team in 1999.

    Today we have some excellent resources for our home buyers. We have a perfected service model. We communicate and we build real estate game plans with each of our homebuyers individually.

    It comes down to what our clients want and us being able to deliver.

    While being able to give the necessary protection and security from the potential harm that can enter the picture with not being informed.

    When you are ready to start the home buying process. Even if you won’t be “ready” until next year, reach out so you can be updated as to the current market and get the information which would best prepare you for your real estate journey.

    I’m very willing to wait until you and yours are ready to embark on accomplishing your real estate goals.

    I’m Connor MacIvor and I’m a real live local real estate agent living in the Santa Clarita Valley CA.

    There is no other local real estate agent who has written more, produced more videos and recorded/published more real estate radio shows/podcasts, about buying real estate. View our Blog to see those articles, I’ll be here for you.

    Call me when ready – I’ll be here for you.


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