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    Zip your lip if you are selling a Santa Clarita home

    To be home or not to be home…

    As part of our Listing and Showing Preparation, we explain to our Sellers about being home.

    That is “being home when people are viewing the home we are selling for them”.

    That clarifies it much better 🙂

    Cop Background equates to a Seller Safety Briefing

    Becareful what you tell your Santa Clarita real estate buyerPart of the presentation for our Sellers has to do with Safety.  Don’t let anyone inside without a Supra Key and that can access the LockBox on the property.

    We don’t care if the sellers are outside on the porch having tea and the same agent, that called and set the appointment, shows up with their clients.  We don’t care if the front door is just a couple of steps away and open…  Our sellers are given the instructions to have the Real Estate agent use the lockbox to gain access.

    Whether they use the key inside or not it does not matter. This way I know who they are.  Business cards can be made anywhere.  Supra Keys can be borrowed from agents that are breaking the rules and don’t think they are going to get caught.

    However, once that lockbox is opened with the supra key, I know which agent’s key opened the box via “Wireless Technology”.

    “I don’t have a Realtor, but want to see your home…”

    Another “safety” point we discuss is not allowing anyone that is not a “Realtor” with a supra key gain access to the property for any reason.  We tell our sellers to have this “agentless home shopper” call one of my team to set up that showing.

    Many more things are discussed with our Santa Clarita real estate sellers to keep them safe – Including not saying too much to the agents and their clients showing their home.

    You hired us to negotiate – let us negotiate!

    We are not into having our “sellers” mislead anyone.  We are not wanting our sellers to lie to anyone.  We just know, by experience, that sometimes statements are misunderstood.  Someone could have thought that the Washer and Dryer were promised to be a part of the sale, but when in actuality, the sellers were going to take it with them.

    We have even had the “price” negotiated before we had a chance to do our job because the Seller liked the Buyers.

    Do yourselves and your Chosen real estate representative a favor, please, for your own sake, don’t say anything that you may regret later.

    Run for the hills!!!

    The way to help yourselves out is not to be home or when people show up, to go for a walk or step away from the property until the showing has concluded.

    Any questions from the buyer or the buyer’s agent – redirect them to your Realtor, that is why you are paying them isn’t it?

    Blame your Real Estate Agent

    BTW – if you get perplexed looks on the face of those you are telling to, “Please have your realtor speak with my realtor”, Blame it on us.  Let them know that Connor MacIvor told you to direct all questions, inquiries from prospective Buyers or Their Agents, back to Connor.

    (substitute the name if your Real Estate Agent, if not Connor (me), above 🙂 )

    Be safe and have a great weekend – we will be back tomorrow for some more Riveting Real Estate Stuff!!!

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