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    You can’t make a good deal with a bad guy…

    Words to live by.  Why is it you cannot make a good deal with a bad buy?  Simply, because they have mal intentions.  They are up to no good.  They are not being honest and upfront when you are dealing with them.

    BTW, I will use “guy” as the default title and role in this article – but “gal” will be allowed to be interchanged 🙂

    Their focus on on the money or commission to be earned by their deceit – Not on you.  I suppose it is partially on you and what you can make appear from your wallet or from your bank account – but, to have your best interests at their core – they just don’t have it, they are “bad guys”.

    Being Honest

    How can you tell the difference in Real Estate or in any other industry? Ask them, “Hey, Connor said you cannot make a good deal with a bad guy, are you that guy?”  Watch their response – I say watch, because you are going to ask this question in person, while seated in their office or in your realm.  Either way, some might take offence, some might get up and say, “this interview is finished”, they might even be so upset you will feel queasy and silly asking.

    Either way, it cannot hurt to ask.  If they are truly being upfront, they will have an answer or at least a question to your question.  “What do you consider a bad guy”, they might retort.  Is a bad guy someone that will not be honest with you?  How about someone that knows you are making a Big Mistake? – but not willing to say so.

    We had clients in our offices that asked that very thing, “My dad said that you cannot make a good deal with a bad buy, are you a bad guy…” I responded, if you mean the kind of guy that will risk his commission and paycheck for the client’s best interests… – Absolutely I am.  We put the client’s first – before any “pay day”.

    You see, the amount we earn from representing a single buyer and seller with their real estate Sales or Purchase is GREAT – but we could not live if it weren’t for referrals.  To have a client that is screaming to the hills to all of this friends, family and their entire sphere of influence about what a Fantastic Job we Did in their Real Estate Representation – that is the true pay off.

    Some Realtors are too short sighted for this and are not Strategically motivated – they are Tactical in their approach.  The “one shot, one kill method of operation”.  That works in a singular battle – but is no way to win a war…

    When we have completed a single transaction with our clients, whether as a buyer or as a seller, we will have done such an upfront and honest job, we expect nothing but referrals.

    You might have someone that you feel this passionately about that you have done business with in some profession.  Maybe a Doctor or Lawyer, how about your CPA?  That is what life is all about – the return on investment.  If we invest all we have into a single client – treating them as if they are the only person and that they are totally, “top shelf”, we have won in the long run by our methods.

    Be Safe and let us know how we can help with everything that is Santa Clarita Real Estate.

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