Would you please show my clients the property

    How many times has this happened to you?  If you are a real estate consumer, I hope never.  In fact, I hope you would be working with agents that value you enough to make the time to show you properties.  Santa Clarita real estate agents

    Using Local Agents aside, your chosen real estate professional should be available to serve you where ever they have said they are the “Expert go to real estate servicer…”

    Amongst the real estate agents, we want buyer to get what they want when they want it.  But, real estate sales agents are representing a seller, it is generally understood that the Buyer’s Agent shows them the home, not the Listing Agent to other agent’s buyers.

    Exceptions are made from time to time.  If the Sales Agent, the agent representing the buyer, calls us the listing agent and explains that they have some “extra-ordinary circumstances” and are unable to show the property, the listing agent may help out.

    Here are some of the common things a “typical real estate listing agent” may say when they are confronted with this request:

    • No, tell your client to work with a local agent that is not so busy as yourself.
    • Are you serious?  You should be more available for your clients.
    • Sure, I’d be happy too – for a 25% referral fee.
    • What, how long have you had your license?
    • You are from Conejo Valley – Refer your client to me!
    • You are in a seminar that day and you are worried that the home will sell?  That’s not my problem…

    Yes, if you have not figured it out, real estate is a cut throat industry.  It is interesting that these games are played in today’s time.  However, when you are working with a real estate professional, they should be available to show you homes, even when they are on vacation.  We do!

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