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    Will the Real Multiple Listing Service please stand up

    How do you know if the real estate listings are actually the “real” ones?  If you are searching on line, with one of the large trusted real estate “syndication” websites, how do you ensure that you are looking at the “actual” and “available” real estate listings? How to search for homes for sale without getting conned

    We did a comparison a couple of weeks ago between one of the “largest real estate syndication websites” and our “agreement driven” Internet Data Exchange.

    I only wanted to look at active, for sale now, listings in Santa Clarita Valley.  However, Santa Clarita has several listings populating this specific area, which has never been something that needed to be dealt with.  Because, in the past, the area considered “Santa Clarita” – was split into the specific cities.  Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch and Valencia CA.

    To do an accurate comparison, I needed to search for the following cities within my search criteria.  Therefore, I placed, not only the six cities above that are highlighted, but included “Santa Clarita” as well.

    I searched for all “active” Residential Real Estate for Sale in those cities – “Santa Clarita, Castaic, Saugus, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch and Valencia CA.

    A word About “Active” – There can be no error in knowing what “Active” means.  In the real estate re-sale market or even in the case of new housing – “active” refers to being fully available.  A point where the seller has not chosen any of the offers that have been received.

    I simply looked at the numbers comparitively between one of the “large real estate syndication” websites and our very own Local Internet Data Exchange real estate search engine.

    Do you know what I found? –

    • Real Estate syndication Website:  109 active listings for sale
    • Board of Realtors fed Multiple Listing Search Engine:  67 active listings for sale

    Somebody has gotten to the punch.  Without getting too buzzed, I attempted to justify this inaccuracy.

    Are there other “listings” that are being “syndicated” on this specific syndication site?  I did the research and found that there are!  They are displaying the listings that are “in escrow” as being active.  There were also cases where some of those listings are left in a “real estate agent’s” capable hands to be uploaded and updated.  With the absence of a “police mechanism” – monetary threats of fines given to agents that do not render accurate listings or data, we regress back to the days of the “Wild Wild West”.

    In theory, a “not so upfront” real estate agent that understands the value of Search Engine Optimization and lead generation could upload listings that are not real in order to generate leads.  In theory 🙂

    Transparency has just been thrown into the gutter.  There is a reason why those large syndication sites do not have access to the “actual Board of Realtors” data.  They are not REALTORS – they are systems that have been built to provide, not a better search experience, but to capture leads for those agents that see fit to subscribe to their lead generation services.  Leads = your personal information sold to real estate agents…

    So hence, the dozens of calls a week I get so I can have my listings displayed and a “banner ad” built to show that I am a local Expert in the Santa Clarita real estate world.  This for a nominal fee that will put me on the top of the search engines where home buyers are actively searching(so the Syndication Sales person tells me..).

    However, as I state to the callers, “I am a local expert, because I write about the Local real estate market…”  A typical response is, “There is not way you can compete with our, (insert name of real estate syndication site here), Internet presence…”  and I respond humbly, “I’d imagine your success will be short lived once the active Local Experts catch on that they can surpass your rankings by answering questions on a blog or website and giving Value First…”

    If you are a real estate agent, don’t get angry, just start writing and you will see the results when your phone starts ringing.

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