Why Santa Clarita home showings on demand won’t work

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    This is a response to a Facebook group asking the question as to why if a home is vacant and for sale, why can’t the interested buyer/renter just go and see it themselves?

    Why do they have to have a Realtor show them the property?

    I’ll get to the answers to these questions later in this article. First, let me explain how showings of real estate typically happen in the Santa Clarita Valley and Surrounding communities.

    When a Santa Clarita realtor meets with a home seller, many topics about how to sell their home in the best way possible are spoken about. We discuss with our home sellers many things from preparing their home for sale, listing price strategy, advertising and marketing packages and how the home is going to be shown so “qualified” Santa Clarita real estate buyers are able to view it with the least hassle.

    When it comes to showing real estate and protecting our sellers and their interests, I rely on my LAPD background, training and experience. While some agent’s don’t think or consider homeowner liability, I’m all over that and don’t want anyone harmed or hurt.

    Showings of Santa Clarita real estate happen between real estate agents and a prospective home buyer. Sometimes, potential home sellers, will be shown other(comparable) real estate listings on the market for sale, it depends on their needs.

    However, in the bigger picture, let us submit that most real estate showings are going to be by a real estate buyer(s) accompanied by a Licensed/Bonded/Insured Realtor*. The other thing what we may submit to is that those real estate buyers are qualified in the price range for the home’s they are viewing. (I’ll submit to this(buyers having been qualified), but sometimes that step has not been completed by the buyer or stressed by their real estate agent).

    *Realtor – A State Licensed Real Estate agent, in my case – California State Bureau of Real Estate Licensee. A member of the National Association of Realtors, in good standing N.A.R.. A member of the California Association of Realtors, C.A.R. in good standing. I’m also a member of Southland Regional Association of Realtors, S.R.A.R. in good standing. My Brokerage, RE/MAX of Santa Clarita, has to be a member of all of the above. I also have to be in good standing with them as do they with the various Realtor associations.

    Vacant homes – these are homes where, most times, the agent can just show up with their clients. However, sometimes these homes have accepted offers on them. That’s why the “running of interference is necessary” so I am not wasting my clients or my time.

    Call then go this is where the home seller gets a phone call notifying them of the agent, brokerage, CABRE, (california bureau of real estate – agent’s license number), number of a showing with the time/date.

    Call and give 2 hour(various time requirements) heads up – Close to the same of “Call then go”, however with a two hour heads up given to the property owner. If any “issues” exist, then the property owner will notify the realtor and let them know it’s a NO GO.

    Appointment only – They call or text the homeowner, all of their personal business information and affiliation – notifying them of a showing, who they are and wanting to show on a particular date and time. The homeowner will green light or red light them.

    Appointment with agent – Almost the most difficult. In this case the agent needs to do the “setting up” for the showing. They get notified, they notify the seller, they wait for a response from the seller and then they notify the agent whether or not it’s a go.

    Agent to be present – The most difficult. The listing agent needs to be present to show the home on the behalf of their seller. They are present as if your agent after they confirm the appointment.

    48 hour notice required – This is typically the showing instruction on tenant occupied properties.

    Showing Companies – When the agent is required to utilize a third party system to schedule the phone call with the owner/agent of the home which is for sale. The additional step should be completed, the one of speaking with the home seller’s agent directly to make sure the property is still available in accordance with the status in the Multiple Listing Service.

    These are the various ways a property for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley are shown to home buyers.

    The Vetting process between the Buyer’s agent and their buyer is something that “most” professional Realtors have completed before embarking on viewing real estate listings.

    Viewing real estate without a Realtor

    This topic is discussed often online and is always Buyer Leaning. Where the author is a fan of not needing to utilize a real estate agent to view real estate listings which have been placed onto the market for sale.

    While, in a perfect world everyone would work out any “issues” which may come about when viewing real estate listings without an accountable authority figure present, this is not a perfect world.

    On the other side, you have issues related to criminals then having access to real estate listings(such is the case with Open Houses), which could place the homeowners with further liability.

    Then you have the “approval” regarding the home buyer’s qualification in being able to purchase real estate in the listed home’s price range. This step is almost always fulfilled by the savviest of Realtors. There is no need looking at a home for sale in which a buyer does not qualify for or for $100,000 less than their loan approval price.

    Every single real estate contract and associated paperwork is over 1 inch thick in the State of California. Most have been digitized for ease of transport via systems which most “advanced” brokerages have in place for their clients and their agents.

    Almost all parts of the contracts are in place due to some type of legal action, on some level, during the history of real estate buying and selling.

    The property owners want more

    Most home sellers want to ensure only qualified home buyers are looking at the homes they are entrusting my Santa Clarita real estate group to sell.

    Most home sellers want to make sure they have qualified and accountable guidance of those who are viewing the homes they have up for sale.

    Most home sellers want to have accountable feedback regarding their listing price, the advertising/marketing and the thoughts of those who viewed their home for sale.


    That is too much to rely on without a seasoned real estate professional. I’m Connor and I’m glad to be of service to you and yours.

    Please listen to our HousingRadio.com real estate Show for other great tips an to learn why we may be the best fit for your Santa Clarita real estate needs.

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