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    Why is the Santa Clarita City real estate inventory so depressing for buyers

    Here is the latest recon showing why the Santa Clarita city inventory is so depressing for the real estate buyers of the world.  With over 85% of the listings being Short Sale in nature, it is hard to tell what is available and what is not.

    On the map above, you are able to view the specific inventory across both zip codes of Valencia CA – 91355 and 91354.

    It’s true that an “active” listing should be actually available to purchase for any buyer.  However, we are watching as the rules of the Multiple Listing Service(MLS) and the Board of Realtors are routinely broken.

    All listings must be updated within 48 hours of “offer acceptance”.  We see this as not being the case most of the time.  However, this “rule” is difficult to police.  It would literally take each buyers agent, when they contact the listing agent, asking whether or not their sellers home, condo or town-home for sale, is truly open for offers, to click on the Tab within the MLS that states “report a violation”.

    Most don’t want to take the time to report misconduct, but that is the only why in which we are going to keep our inventory pure in the Santa Clarita Valley.  Without this necessary step, we are witnessing, as we contact the listing agents and hear the all too farmilar phrase, “We have received an offer and have submitted that offer to the bank for review.”  When I ask, “shouldn’t you take this off the market and place it in back or pending status”, they usually reply, “No, nothing is for certain with a short sale…”  BTW – I’m usually screaming by now….

    Another point of interest has to do with a real estate listing being placed into Pending or back up status not guaranteeing the same listing not rendering as “active” within some of the big real estate syndication websites.

    Talking about the real estate syndication websites is an entirely different topic of discussion.  However, I will leave you with this fact.  Most of the real estate syndication websites make their $$$ from real estate agents joining their platform(buying leads).  The Syndication sites monetize those real estate sellers and buyers that use their websites to search for active listings and whom want more information.

    Be careful, use local Santa Clarita real estate search systems.  When you do you will find that some of the “other Monetization websites” are showing listings that are even more inaccurate than the Local Search Systems.

    Be Safe and use local resources when you are about to make one of the largest investments of your lives in Real Estate.

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