Why does everything seem to be a fight?

    Sellers have objections, Buyers have been given misinformation, competitors think you absolutely are cheating everyone in the world and those competitors are incredibly vocal about it.

    As I just finished reading an article in the local news paper – about the Real Estate industry and Distressed Properties, Iwas flabbergasted at the amount of misinformation.  There I go – Right along with the rest of the world.  When the smoke clears in 5 years, what will be individual outcomes with the Selling Short of homes?  (I cannot answer because I don’t know…)

    The misinformation was not slamming anyone in the real estate industry.  It was targeted to Real Estate Sellers.  Those that are experiencing a hardship with their mortgage payment.

    Here is how you can almost always insure that what you are being told is Gospel. Get a Second Opinion: Have you ever been to the doctor – I have, but I have yet to get the “bad news”.  Some of you have gotten “bad news” – but if it is bad enough, what is your second step?  That is right – to get a second opinion. <—– How about “Re-Inventing one client at a time” 🙂

    Marketing in Real estate

    When we are hearing about the Government programs, incentives, and the way to handle your distressed home.  The home that you cannot make the mortgage payment on any longer.  But, you will be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t get a second opinion.

    I can go on and on about how great I can instruct with the PD and what an expert marksman I am.  I will be the first to tell you that there are a lot of others that are better at instructing in firearms than I.  I will also be the first to admit to you that this world has better marksmen – I know some too who are very patient on the trigger!

    When you hear how wonderful a, “fill in type of service provider”, from other sources, not friends, not family, but others that have nothing to gain – that can be considered “real truth”.

    Same goes with “Real Estate” and in other businesses where the transactions are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Don’t take it from the horses mouth – go and get a second and even a third opinion.

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