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    Why do we have to meet before we look at homes, condo’s or town-homes?

    Be Loyal to your agent

    We will never take any other Realtor’s Client.  If you are working with an agent currently – Please let us know if you are working with a Realtor and we would appreciate you being loyal.  If your agent is not available to show – wait for them, if they have been working for you thus far – they deserve it.  Have you read about procuring cause – you might, unknowingly, be creating a hardship if you are viewing a property without your agent.


    If you hate them – that is another story 🙂

    Why do we have to meet before showing you anything?

    “Because, you are not buying a pair of shoes” 🙂  A statement made famous by Paris.

    That works on so many different levels and it is important to see whom you will be working with in person.  Size them up and to see if they are a good fit(I’m talking about you sizing up your Realtor(s) of choice, first and foremost)  Making sure they are listening – patient and nothing about “pressure”.

    “But Connor, I’m not ready just yet…” I ask you, what is ready – exactly?  We have met with clients that did not buy or sell something for in excess of three years after our initial meeting (3.0 years!).

    Being able to look at Real Estate from a place where you had been educated as to what the current process is.  Here are a few more reasons:

    • what types of inventory are the most prevalent?
    • is the real estate market still declining?
    • why is certain financing not allowed?
    • what are the areas that have assessments and or mello roos?
    • where are the schools located for children with special needs?
    • why should I write an offer or not write an offer on a short sale?
    • do Bank Owned Foreclosures offer the best deals?
    • what do HOA controlled complexes or housing tracts restrict?
    • is now a good time to buy?
    • is now a good time to sell?
    • what questions should I ask a Lender to best protect myself?
    • do I pay your fee when buying a home?
    • what are closing costs and do I have to pay them?

    “I’m not sure I want to commit to a single agent yet.” I appreciate that more than you know.  We don’t have anyone come into our offices where we are asking for a commitment.  We don’t have you sign anything.  We explain the topics above and strategize with you about the best possible outcome to your Real Estate Related goal. Buying or Selling a home is a HUGE decision.  For Most, it is the biggest investment of their lives – you owe it to yourself to take it as serious as your health!

    I am just going to work with listing agents – I have been told they can get me the property or larger discounts…” Click on the hyper-link to answer this concern.  FYI in brevity – The Listing Agent works for the Seller and is under contract with the Seller.  The Seller hired the listing agent to sell their home to the Sellers Best Advantage.  Consider this for a moment – you should have your own, ARMED AND READY REALTOR, in your corner and on your side, shouldn’t you?

    That a few tidbits of the “Why do we have to meet before looking at houses, condo’s or town-homes.”

    You will find that most Real Estate agents and agent teams don’t operate in this fashion.  They will meet true strangers at properties without knowing anything else about them.  They will run for sign calls and sometimes their actions reveal a dangerous “hunger”.  Real Estate should never be rushed.

    Our Buyers Briefings and Sellers meetings are without obligation and loaded with information that will keep you safe and well protected during your Real Estate journey.

    Let us know when you are ready so we can get to work for you!

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