Why do I get so bent with the Real Estate games

    It’s like a constant stream of misinformation. Time and time again, I’m watching as others in our industry are using clever tactics and tricks to get sellers to list with them. Instead of wanting to join their ranks, I am sided with the agents that are interested in adding value to our Real Estate Sellers with Experience, Patience Real Estate advertising in the Santa Clarita Valleyand the Uncanny ability to never give up when it comes to marketing. (believe it or not – this is more the rule than the exception – there are more credible agents that are upfront with the sellers instead of “game players“)

    Using the abilities I hone on a daily basis with regard to getting a Sellers home, that we have listed for sale, in front of more “qualified” buyers than anyone else. Desiring to sell their home for the most money possible. Keeping them safe from harm in the process. That is what both Paris and I want and that is want a lot of other Santa Clarita Real Estate agents want as well.

    Have you ever wondered what the “gimmick” is with the few that talk about being able to sell your home at the price you want or they will give you the following:

    • $5000.00 to you if they cannot sell your home at the price you want (Small print, they never lose nor have they every paid – interesting?)
    • Sell your Home for free if they cannot sell it at the price you want (Nobody has actually bought a home with this type of Guarantee – the small print will make your eyes bleed…)
    • Buy your home personally if they cannot sell it at the price you want (The Small print on these contracts will make your head swoon…)
    • Give you the ability to Fire Them if they cannot sell it <--- this one always confused me more than the others - Shouldn't you be able to fire any real estate agent if and when you want to? (You should be able to fire your agent at anytime you want without having to compensate them - at least that is how we do it :-) )
    • Will Pay 1% of your closing costs if they cannot sell your home for the price you want. (I am not sure what commission they are charging to get a listing – but I’d ask if I were you)
    I’ll tell you what will sell your home. The Right Exposure and the Right Price. I’ll tell you what will keep you safe from harm – An Experienced Team of Agents. I’ll tell you what will pay the greatest dividends – Agents that only care about Giving Value First!

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