Why diets don’t work

    April 16, 2012. That was the day I stopped eating sugar. In fact, that was the day I stopped eating Carbohydrates in most forms. Less than 20 grams a day was the goal to my new Way of Life, and I have been faithful.

    It has come at a price, however. My doctor wanting to know how I was able to lower my cholesterol. Asking me point blank, “Have you been seeing another doctor and what have they been prescribing?” After I told him how I lowered my Triglicerides – Blood Pressure and Cholesterol into the normal ranges through what I have been eating and without any other doctors and medication, he said, “Hum, isn’t that interesting…” That is all he said… 🙁

    There is that, and there are also the issues that I had going on with my eyes. I used to wake up with these puffy and crusty eyes. That was an every day thing. While speaking with clients, I’d notice that they were staring at my eyes in a way more than just wanting to be polite. There was a yellow substance that would start filling the bottom of my eye – between the eye and the eyelid. That stopped… I miss people looking and the constant leaking 🙂

    I also did not have the issues, I have now, with clothing and comfort. My Single Pair of elastic waist band equipped pants did not fall down and I filled them out nicely. In fact, at 355ish, My XXL shirts looked custom made to just “cover” my belly. I was also able to wear my shirts on the “outside”. That was nice because I did not have to worry about wrinkles forming from being tucked in. That has changed too – I now have to wear my shirts tucked in to take up the extra space in my pants – 11″ of waistline girth being reduced does cause problems 🙂

    The other thing that has changed is my foot wear. My shoes no longer feel as if I was poured into them. Now I am faced with having extra lace length. That had never been an issue before.

    There are so many things this change has started in me – Oh, by the way, today I’m 285. I will be starting my 6th month on a High Fat, High Protein – ketogenic eating plan on the 16th of September.

    I know for a fact the difference in this time versus the last times I have tried to lose weight, was just that, I was trying to lose weight. Now, I am losing weight. As Yoda Said, “Try.. Try not, either do or do not…” The other HUGE factor was me talking to myself, sitting down and actually setting the record straight. I said, “If it is not part of the allowed foods – you cannot eat them – you will not eat them – you will go hungry or starve…” I know for a fact I won’t starve. I also know that Willpower is a muscle – exercise that baby. It gets stronger and easier to use, the more you flex it.

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