Where have the foreclosures gone and when will they return and a warning…

    Never totally gone, no matter the market…

    Foreclosures and pre-foreclosures, what can I say – they always are around.  However, in a “typical” and “more stable” market, they are less than 1% of the properties that come up for sale.

    However, in those markets, they are looked at like “better” deals than any other time.

    That seems to be the case because the banks off load their REO’s pretty quickly, and at a discount(usually).

    overcoming these on a daily basisMore Pre-foreclosures?

    This is more pronounced in a “stabilized” real estate market, than the Straight REO – Real Estate owned, property.  The Pre Foreclosure is a property gives notice that the home owner has not made their home payments for a while.

    “For a while”, could be one day past the very first payment cycle to any point in the future.  For this to happen, the bank only has to have the owner fail to submit payment on their mortgage.

    However, banks don’t usually file a NOD on a home, where a payment has not been submitted, for a period of 90 days.

    They get it, or at least some banks do, people have events in their lives that cause them to miss payments from time to time.

    Missing payments on their mortgage does not mean they are calling it quits.

    A warning about real estate flyers

    That probably caught you out of left field….

    While the flyer itself cannot harm you(besides paper cuts etc…), the phone number contained on the flyer might.

    It may be using, what some “services and realtors” know as, a “call capture” phone number.

    Best place to contact a realtor is by verifying their phone number on line. And by visiting their website(s), then meeting them face to face in their local “Brick and Mortar” offices.

    It should be plastered all over their website(s).

    The reason why this is different than usual is because there are companies that sell leads generated off of flyers to multiple “hungry” real estate agents.

    The Listing agents have bought into this because they get free flyers and 25% referral fee’s if those “buyer callers” ever buy anything.

    It’s like free advertising for the “brains” that came up with this system.  Unfortunately, most agents would like to have the buyers off of their flyers themselves. – They just did not think it through before signing up.

    However, they said it did cover anywhere the buyer that called their capture number bought a home – condo or town-home…  There may be some benefit there.

    But, I’m not one to say – just so you know so you can be safe…

    Local Real Estate foreclosure update:

    Your New Foreclosures alert, Paris911’s Auction Alert for Santa Clarita Valley, found a match.


    Stage Radar ID Street City Zip State Type Sq Ft Beds Baths Sale Date Est. Value Est. Bid

    Auction 517449926 26266 PARK VIEW RD VALENCIA 91355 CA CND 2834 3 3.00 06/04/2013 $713,271.00 $263,632.00

    Auction 505246266 19237 AVENUE OF THE OAKS B NEWHALL 91321 CA CND 806 2 1.00 06/03/2013 $136,094.00 $243,360.00

    Auction 24540099 26855 CLAUDETTE ST UNIT 138 SANTA CLARITA 91351 CA CND 1001 3 2.00 05/31/2013 $145,739.00 $57,506.00

    Your New Foreclosures alert, 91601, found a match.


    Stage Radar ID Street City Zip State Type Sq Ft Beds Baths Sale Date Est. Value Est. Bid

    Auction 870363b 5650 CARTWRIGHT AVE NORTH HOLLYWOOD 91601 CA MFR 1931 4 2.00 05/31/2013 $414,951.00 $748,706.00

    Your New Foreclosures alert, Paris911’s Sold to Third Alert for Santa Clarita Valley CA, found a match.


    Stage Radar ID Street City Zip State Type Sq Ft Beds Baths Sale Date Est. Value Est. Bid

    Sold to 3rd 517683691 22610 SKIPPING STONE DR SANTA CLARITA 91350 CA SFR 3583 5 4.00 05/14/2013 $553,756.00 $614,500.00

    Your New Foreclosures alert, Paris911’s Pre-Foreclosure Alert for Santa Clarita Valley CA, found a match.


    Stage Radar ID Street City Zip State Type Sq Ft Beds Baths Sale Date Est. Value Est. Bid

    Preforeclosure 517157286 25455 CHISOM LN STEVENSON RANCH 91381 CA CND 1810 4 3.00 09/03/2013 $428,108.00 $462,220.00

    Preforeclosure 507733012 28504 COLHARY CT CANYON COUNTRY 91387 CA SFR 3074 4 4.00 09/05/2013 $466,567.00 $221,836.00

    Preforeclosure 512786937 21904 MARJORAM CT SANTA CLARITA 91350 CA SFR 1410 3 2.00 09/05/2013 $325,695.00 $406,792.00

    Preforeclosure 728578 15903 THOMPSON RANCH DR SANTA CLARITA 91387 CA CND 3483 3 4.00 09/05/2013 $581,448.00 $457,442.00

    Preforeclosure 812628b 24431 TREVINO DR UNIT V15 SANTA CLARITA 91355 CA CND 1263 3 2.00 09/05/2013 $256,730.00 $298,444.00

    Preforeclosure 500582297 25725 PERLMAN PL # 127 STEVENSON RANCH 91381 CA CND 1232 2 2.00 09/05/2013 $248,533.00 $283,174.00

    Preforeclosure 517048511 31355 THE OLD RD UNIT F CASTAIC 91384 CA CND 1108 2 2.00 09/05/2013 $218,169.00 $232,792.00

    Preforeclosure 512690959 17517 GLADESWORTH LN CANYON COUNTRY 91387 CA CND 2338 4 3.00 09/05/2013 $395,982.00 $478,247.00


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