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    Where does the “Sworn” world get their Real Estate News and Updates

    We have two lists.  The one for those that have been naughty and those of you that have been nice.  (jk) – Actually, we do have two – one for the Sworn Personnel with whom I serve with the PD.  This list consists of the Sworn – Educators, Cops, Firemen, Deputies, Sworn Sign up for real estate newshighway patrol, FAM’s, FBI, Fed’s, CIA, and others that we serve in a “Real Estate” capacity.

    I have to say that old habits die hard and there is a certain way, a vernacular if you will, that common lingo I use when talking with this “familia type audience”.

    I remained a Reserve Office with the LAPD because it’s very hard to let 17 years of “full time law enforcement service” fly out of the window.  “It was the best of times – it was the worst of times…” – But “BEST” was a reference to being around the men and women with whom I served for those 17 years.

    There are real estate purchase/finance programs available for the LAPD, CHP, LASD, Teachers, Fire Fighters, EMT’s and other “sworn” personnel types that are not available to the general public.  This is the “news” that we disseminate and make know with our Sworn Updates by Video. We also clear up the “rumor mill” with our “Sworn” family.  Those rumors that talk about “sworn only” programs that are being used as clever marketing campaigns by marketers and the “bad service providers” to sink their talons into our bretheren’s flesh.

    It goes without saying, LAPD, LASD, CHP and the Teachers make up the corner-stone of our business.  Thank you and thanks for subscribing to our Video Updates by Email.

    BTW – we have a “no spam” guarantee.  Your personal email addresses will be kept in the strictest of confidence and within our custody forever.  Never traded, sold or given to anyone else!  Be Safe… Talk Soon.

    Civilians Welcome and Encouraged to Join:

    If you are a civillian – not from the sworn world.  We have intel that you will find exceptional to have – click on the banner below to join our Real Estate update list – we answer the hard real estate questions:

    • Is it the best time to buy real estate
    • How about selling – Is now the time
    • How to get homes at 60-80 cents on the dollar
    • building a syndication network – gaining your best advantage
    • Foreclosures – everything you need to know
    There is much more that we put together with our Video News Updates by REMAX’s Paris911 Team – Be Safe and thanks for subscribing.


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