Where do you think the Santa Clarita Housing world is headed?

    The Santa Clarita Housing Market is at a 8.5…

    When we give our market data, we gauge the local market. Our REMAX of Santa Clarita, Paris911 Scale is at a 8.5 today. The closer we get to 10 – we are at a Sellers Market 100%.

    REMAX Santa Clarita

    The further away we get from a 10, the closer we are in the full swing of a buyers market. A “ZERO” being such.

    Today – we are at a 8.5 on our 0-10 Santa Clarita real estate scale.

    Having said that, our local real estate recon shows us that we are no longer at a 10 and sellers are starting to reduce their prices and some of the buyers have been “priced out” of the market.

    In fact, we have also see many cases where the investors have applied their brakes. They are moving away from their methods of buying real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley for all cash, waiving appraisals and inspections.

    The market has gotten a bit too rich for their blood. Or at least, it has surpassed the point where it makes sense when weighing the cost versus return with regard to investing at the present time.

    It is hard to see what the future will reveal, but if my calculations are correct, we are at the beginning of another shift. A shift that will being on another Buyers Market in the coming months.

    This is important to understand, especially if you are a real estate seller and if you are having your listing bought by the real estate agent you are hiring.

    I'm not speaking about the clever marketing tactic of the “Sell your Home Guaranteed” or some real estate agent will buy it from you. I'd imagine ZERO homes have been bought to date – just ask 🙂

    I'm talking about the way in which a real estate agent will dial you up and give you a much higher number, than the other real estate agents you are interviewing, to sell your home.

    Look at the real numbers, get numbers from different sources, including the “seller hated” Z Website. But, at least you are seeing a source that is “non realtor related”. It could prove important to have when preparing to make what could equate to being the largest sale of your life. http://realtor.paris911.com/how-much-is-my-home-worth/

    If you want to know more about “buying a real estate listing”, http://realtor.paris911.com/what-does-buying-a-listing-mean-in-real-estate-circles/

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    When you are ready to get past episodes of our Santa Clarita Realtor Daily show, you can do so by heading to our main site at Paris911.com and by typing in the word “daily” into the MacBoX. Or you can click this link: http://blog.paris911.com/category/santa-clarita-real-estate-daily/

    Be safe – search well and let the Paris911 Team of Realtors know when you are ready to move, we will take great care of you.

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