When you should Fire your Santa Clarita Real Estate agent

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    The On-Market Santa Clarita inventory has experienced a boost today with the coming of 8 new listings.  That is better than it has been over the past couple of weeks.  With inventory being depressed in the SCV – most buyers are feeling very down.

    In fact, we get several calls a week from the Active Real Estate buyers that think it is an issue with their Real Estate agent.  I ask them several questions over the phone and the caller answers.

    I then find out about ‘Work ethic”, “Availability”, and “Expectations”.  After I gather those responses, I typically inform the caller it is not a problem with their agent, it’s a problem with inventory.

    If your real estate agent is keeping in touch with you, if they are doing the work, if they are connected real estate agents, then you have truly scored when it comes to procuring a real estate representative. Click here to read a post of when to fire your real estate agent.

    It kind of reminds me of that movie Donnie Brasco – Where “Depp” goes under cover in the Mob, a true story.  He digs in deeper than an Alabama tick.  In doing so he becomes a “connected guy”.  If you needed something done, he was the one to do it.

    Minus the Criminal Activity, a Good real estate agent is like that “Connected Guy” in the Mob.  The more connections they have, the more respected they are, the easier time their buyers are going to have when it comes to getting what they want.  The same is true for the Real Estate Sellers that are working with a well connected real estate agent – they usually get their home sold at the best possible price/profit/outcome.

    Within the newest report that we had published, regarding the Santa Clarita real estate market – we did a Screen video, while I was at Davis Firearms, on a break, showing our market update resources for the Santa Clarita Cities.

    Have a watch, we appreciate you reading our posts, blogs and sites.  Please comment below about how important you think a real estate agent being connect is.

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