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    What our clients want from a Santa Clarita Lender

    Santa Clarita Lenders and Mortgage BankersWhen we have clients that want to buy Santa Clarita Real Estate, they rarely have their start with a Local Santa Clarita Lender.  Sometimes, we will receive referrals from those Lenders that are in our REMAX and Paris911 Lending Networks, but it is not very often.

    It seems that the Real Estate agent is the one that is writing about the dynamics as it applies to purchasing and selling Real Estate.  When one looks and “google’s” the internet about loans – there is a lot of talk about “rates” but very little about “Value”.

    When we talk about Value – we speak of it in reference to the “Cost vs. Value” approach to a consumer driven economy.  Cost can be viewed as a one time thing – Value lasts much longer.

    Our Real Estate clientele wants Value when it comes to the following and when speaking of getting a home loan:

    • Does not want an adjustable mortgage
    • Does not want a balloon payment due at any time in the future
    • Does not want to pay excessive origination fees
    • Wants the “market” interest rate or better
    • Wants a 30 year term with the ability to pay it off sooner without penalty
    However, with all of those “wants”, that our clients have expressed, – there are a few that we want from the lenders on our clients behalf:
    • Answers the phone or calls back in short order
    • Be available for pre-qualification or pre-approval on weekends and on holidays
    • Returns e-mails within hours, not days
    • Understands the concept of having “approval letter amounts” be specific and not “general” in nature
    • Earns a Living but does not Earn a Living from each Loan Originated
    • Be a spectacular Re-Finance Resource
    • Explains the dynamics, specifically, with every loan the borrower qualifies for
    With regard to lending and the current economy, typically when interest rates are low money is easy to obtain.  The exception is the current RealSanta Clarita Home Loans Estate lending world where interest rates are low, but where Money is Extremely Hard to obtain.  There are many different levels of credit inquiry, underwriting and conditions that are presented within each transaction.  In fact, a very necessary component to a Valuable Real Estate Agents is their ability to keep the parts on the lending end moving forward.
    Here is the final word.  We know lenders in the Santa Clarita Valley.  There are some that we like more than others.  Those that we “like”, more than others, has to do with their abilities to Serve our Exclusive Clients.  We did not fall in love with the slogan of the Los Angeles Police Department for no reason, “To Protect and to Serve”, has a Heartfelt meaning to Paris and I.
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