What is happening today in the Santa Clarita Valley RE market?

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    Our format is simple, we cover the new inventory, real estate news and give a tip or two on how to best protect yourselves when searching for real estate for when choosing a real estate agent to represent you.

    Today’s update is for Sunday – We are out in Simi Valley Today listing a home that is more than 2500 square feet, a 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom home – North of the 118 freeway and it will sell fast. Located on Mohave Drive – This home is two stories with a pool. The owners just gave it a nice facelift as well, with carpet, paint and getting it prepared for sale with other subtle updates and upgrades. If you want to search for Simi Valley real estate for sale click here.

    Looking at the inventory for the cities that compose the Santa Clairta Valley CA – We are definitely at a loss when it comes to anything new that has hit the market for sale. During the last 24 hours in Santa Clarita Valley Cities – we have only had 5 new listings hit the market for sale. However, this is not unusual when most of the new listing inventory is added between Wednesday through Friday. Check on the new listings

    Remember, when searching on-line for real estate that is for sale – make sure those websites you are looking on are ledgit. You can differentiate if they are, by the numbers of inventory they are showing that is for sale. Example, when you are searching a website that is showing literally hundreds of homes that are for sale in Valencia CA, versus our local real estate website showing 35 homes currently active in Valencia CA – there is a problem.

    That “problem” that I spoke about is not about me not wanting you to see the listings are for sale. That “problem” is that the other website, the one showing hundreds of listings versus my 35, is attempting to get their hands on your private and personal information so they can sell it to several real estate agents in the form of a lead. Be Carefful. If you want to see more about Real Estate syndication websites – click here.

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