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    • What does Santa Clarita real estate have to do with flossing your teeth?

    What does Santa Clarita real estate have to do with flossing your teeth?

    Did you get that thing I sent you? – I don’t know if you ever watch adult swim – but sometimes, when working DUI watch, it was playing in the holding cells at the jail.  Enough about that – apparently it calmed the inmates – who’d of thought.

    We have completed a couple of podcasts on this Saturday – one of which when a Home Inspector cancelles – what can happen?Top Listing Agents use publications

    The reasons to hire a home inspector – why you’d want to hire a home inspector when buying new housing?

    Here is a short recap of our Santa Clarita real estate radio show:

    • Daily radio show and podcast about Santa Clarita real estate
    • It’s plugged into every system we have about real estate
    • If you want to get the shows every day – just type in the word – daily – into the macBoX
    • Past shows as well about SCV real estate
    • Dates and episode numbers – we have changed out thought process
    • Early this AM – in real estate, when you buy a home – you want to have the home inspected
    • You want to hire a home inspector – ask your real estate agent
    • Which home inspector is best – you want someone that is going to be very critical
    • You are paying that fee – you need to know what you are buying
    • Anything you are financing over 30 years needs to be checked out
    • Supposed to be at a home inspection at 0800 – there are other things that come up
    • Buyer was a good family friend – it was his son that was referred to us
    • We are honored when family refers us to family – the highest accolade

    Be safe – we hope you enjoy the show – let us know when you need our help.

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