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    What does it take to be better than a Good Realtor in the Santa Clarita Valley?

    Better than good…  Hummmmm…  Well, I suppose that better than good could have something to do with client satisfaction?

    I know for a fact review sites are useful, but I believe that the more clients a person has, the more clients that are satisfied?the Paris911 Team markets real estate better

    Agree?  What about those agents your parents used, are they good?  Do your parents give them high marks?  Friends agents and those referrals, how are they?

    At the end of the day, it is always settled when the smoke clears and the dust calms, who is still standing and who do people trust.

    It all starts with a brand, even if that brand is a name.  That brand is talked about, experienced and given positive or negative marks.

    Several components of a “Better than Good” realtor in the SCV are these:

    • Compassion – Never wanting any client to be thrown under the bus at any point during any real estate transaction – before, during or after!
    • Listener – The BEST of the BEST shut the hell up and listen more than they talk.  The days of a real estate agent talking because they are in love with their voice and how they enunciate their vowels, are long over.
    • Intuition – It is more than a feeling, The BEST Real Estate agents need to be dug into the present market deeper than an Alabama Tick.
    • Analytical Negotiation – This is a skill that is hard to teach, it’s almost something that a person has to be born with.  To know when to take another agent to the ground and when not to.  It is an admirable skillset for sure and very few Realtor have it bred into them.
    • Personable – Not all “Salesy” – yuck, no one wants to feel the high pressure and the threat posed by a “starving” real estate agent.

    How is your Realtor of choice, do they have these traits and are they getting, or have they gotten, the job done for you?

    What made them different than the others that you were surely approached by?  Be safe and Search well.  Let our Santa Clarita real estate team know when you are ready for us to move and we will ask “How High!!!”  🙂

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