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    What do buyers think of viewing unkept, dirty, and cluttered homes for sale

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    Whenever we walk into open houses with our clients or homes that are for sale – it does make a “subtle” difference when they are staged versus when they are in need of a “super clean and de-clutter”.  I can tell from the expressions on our clients faces, if they are “set back” when viewing homes that have not been taken care of and when there is “no visible pride of ownership“.

    With Today’s Santa Clarita Real Estate market being over 60% short sale in nature, most of those sellers are still living in the properties.  However, they are a bit jaded when buyers, that are interesting in purchasing their “distressed” home, start viewing the property.  I get it – but if someone wants to short sale their home – it is a necessary part of the process in getting the bank to approve the home being sold short.

    Another thing we do our best to convey to our Short sale sellers – “We understand that you Selling Short is your choice – but also know that in order for your home to get sold short, you need a buyer that wants to purchase your Short Sale“.  “Try to keep it picked up and decluttered…”

    There are many things to avoid when staging a home. When selling a home its appearance is one of the most important ingredients to attracting a buyer. You never get a second chance to make a first impression and avoiding some of these mistakes will help set your selling process off on the right foot.

    • Do not over decorate. You may think adding a “Pottery Barn” touch is a good idea but it is easy to overdo it. Keep things simple and uncluttered.
    • Don’t use color. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way, but stick to neutral tones. Too much color can turn a potential buyer off.
    • Get rid of knick knacks, trophies, collections, and the like. Too many keepsakes often appear as clutter, but they also personalize a space. The key is to eliminate your home showing off you and enable a buyer to envision living in it himself.

    These are but a few things to keep in mind of what not to do when preparing your home for sale. There are countless columns, snippets, and articles about how to do things, whether it be staging, remodeling, or designing, but sometimes the most important things on the list are left out, the things not to do.

    Bank Owned and those homes that have completed the Foreclosure Process are not exempt.  We notice that buyers are more likely to write “lower than asking price” offers when the property is in poor condition, cluttered and dirty.

    If you need our help with anything that is real estate – you can call – (love calls).  Or you can email or hit me with a question on Twitter – Direct Message @paris911 with anything and we will either direct you to an article we have written, answer directly or write a new post that addresses your question.

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