What about the Why of Things?

    When a service provider has their “Why” in place and when they never forget it, you can rest assured they will stay the course.

    However, sometimes the “Why” of a business gets diluted and is unable to be remembered by the powers that be.  You then get what we Santa Clarita Real Estate watched with some of the large “retailers”, instead of being for the “client”, they became all about their “Bottom line”.  That is when everything falls apart.

    With our Santa Clarita Real Estate team, we developed our “why” statement otherwise known as a “Mission Statement”, a long time ago…

    “Paris911® Serves and Protects the real estate interests of those who are Sworn to Protect, Serve and Educate…”

    With regard to our services, we were taken with our first home purchase.  That was our catalyst to get into the real estate business in the first place.  Not to become agents, but to figure out how to strike back.

    Well, we found out how to fix the “disclosure issues” that were left from our knowledge.  Our real estate situation was corrected and then a couple of guys from the LAPD, whom I worked with, asked me if I could help them sell their homes.

    The rest was history.  Today, we have not lost focus on those that trust the Paris911® Team and I with all of their Real Estate Needs.  We were founded on the principals of Law Enforcement (the good ones) 🙂

    A home, condo or town-home is a HUGE investment.  Heck, anything that takes 30 years to pay off is…  That is why it is important to get the best representation you can find.  Those that are not here for the short term and will be there for you during the hard times as well.

    If you are wondering why we chose REMAX – Click Here.

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