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    What about a Guarantee to Sell a Home?


    It does sound like a dream promise, doesn’t it?  You are wanting to sell your home, condo or town-home.  The agents that you are interviewing are all telling you basically the same thing.  “I work hard”, “I have sold “X” amount of homes in this area”, “I will discount my services by $$$…”, “My company is Number “X”.” etc.

    But, then you have an agent come to your home that says, without a stutter, “I can sell your home in 90 days guaranteed or I’ll buy it!”

    As one of my brethren says on Trulia Answers, the link I placed at the beginning of this post, “Sign me up!!!”

    Santa Clarita Real Estate FactsWell, it may not be that simple.  There are people buying homes in any and all real estate markets.  There is a certain amount of advertising that should be done with a home for sale. The internet is where more than 87% of home buyers are looking before they pick up the phone. These are some of the facts when it comes to Real Estate.

    But, to be able to guarantee that a home can be sold in a certain amount of days?  The question you will want to ask at the time you have those “guaranteed” contracts and addenda placed in front of you should be, “what is the catch?” “What is the price you are willing to pay me for my home today Mr. or Mrs. Agent – Maybe we can just circumvent this entire sales thing…” – “What do you think?”

    When you were looking to buy your home, the one that you want “Sold-Guaranteed”, what did you look for?  The best “value”?  Were you willing to pay more than “fair market value” at that time?  If you needed a loan to buy the home you are selling, would you have pitched in tens of thousands of dollars if you bank’s appraiser would have not been able to bring in the current market value at the amount you offered? I bet not.  In fact, I bet when you were looking to buy your home, condo or town-home, you wanted the “best” deal possible.

    I would imagine that you also wanted to see comparable listings and wanted to see what other homes had sold for that were similar in the past months.

    I think that makes good sense.  As Paris is fond of saying, “you are not buying a pair of shoes…” Be Savvy as a Real Estate Seller or as a Real Estate Buyer.It is going to be one of the largest investments of your life and should not be taken lightly or without the help of a “true” professional.


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