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    Welcome to Super Friday in Valencia of the Santa Clarita Valley

    Valencia real estate.  Valencia is just one of the cities within the Santa Clarita Valley.

    I know a telemarketer when they call and ask me if I’m still selling houses in Santa Clarita.  I know they are not familiar with the Boards of Realtors and their categorization of the local real estate listings.

    As a local real estate agent – HQ’d in Valencia CA – When I enter a sellers listing – I do not have a choice between Santa Clarita and the other cities.

    valenciarealtyHeck, I don’t have a choice of “Santa Clarita” at all.

    This is because, per the MLSand local Boards of Realtors – Santa Clarita is the name of our valley.  The homes that are being listed for sale are within one of these 6 cities.

    Castaic – Canyon Country – Newhall – Saugus – Stevenson Ranch – Valencia

    So, when I get a call from Zillow, Trulia or Realtor.com – and they ask the question about if I’m still selling houses in Santa Clarita.  I know they have not done their homework.

    Why does that matter?  Because, I’m a professional. When I call a seller or a prospective buyer, you can bet I will do my research ahead of time.

    If a seller inquires on our Main Valencia CA real estate website about how much their home is worth, before I call him, I will find out all the information I can find.

    I want to know when he bought his/her home.  I want to know what they are paying for taxes.  I want to know what “items” show on title as far as what the home has – pool, a/c, composite roof – etc…

    I also want to see what the system tells me about how much they owe.  I will then take the sellers home and do my comparable workup.  I want to only view real estate residences that have closed and sold during the past 6 months.

    I want to be plus or minus around 250 square foot from the size of the sellers home.  I want to be plus or minus within 10 years of the year our real estate sellers home was built.  I want to do my FMV, fair market value, workup with the current Appraisal Standards in mind.

    After that data is gathered – I now want to see what sold in the sellers specific Tract, I then want to do two radial searches – one at .5 mile and the other at 1.0 mile.

    My objective is to find the closest related homes that have sold that compare as “apples to apples” to our potential sellers home.

    I have all of this information at the top of my mind and prepared in a report I can fire off, at the moment I contact them so we can go over it.

    What I don’t do is call the “Home seller lead I got in Valencia”, and say, “Hey, I’m Jim and I sell houses – what do you think your Santa Clarita home is worth?” –

    If you own real estate, I’m sure you have run into a “Jimmy” or two.  No offence to the “jimmy’s” of the world, but you get my drift.


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