We sell cheap Los Angeles and Santa Clarita houses

    You may have seen the website touting the “other side” of my statement. We do list some ugly houses, but not at the discount prices that some do. We gauge the current real estate market price strategically and accordingly.

    It’s my job to represent my home seller to the max. If my seller agrees to sell their home for 1/2 of what it is really worth, because of not knowing, for me to proceed would be unethical.

    Me making that statement in writing is like second nature. I had an agent in my office here at REMAX say the opposite of my statement a few years ago.

    I referred no commercial business to said agent end of story.

    How you present your self is important. It would be too hard for me to keep switching hats to fit the home buyer or home seller I’m interviewing with next.

    I keep it simple, I am Connor MacIvor, I do not change for self-profit.

    I have just created this youtube video showing the current real estate listings for the least expensive Single family homes for sale in Southern California.

    I also keep true to form in the video and spoke about how to change the “cheap homes” search area to be more specific in nature.

    When you are ready, reach out to me, and I’ll take great care of you and yours. I’m Connor with REMAX and I’ll be here when you are ready.

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    Connor MacIvor

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