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    Warning Shots don’t work in Real Estate either

    While doing my stint with the LAPD on a full time basis, there were occasions that we had heard of other officers from other departments using warning shots. (I know what you are thinking, It’s always the other guy 🙂 )

    Glock 21

    Some of the instances were successful and others were not. However, because the LAPD does not do anything without a “ton of research”, warning shots were studied carefully. The Results were then taught to the troops. “Warning shots are Generally not Authorized…”

    There you have it – “Generally not Authorized”. Case in point, in a crowed bar, on a call where the RP(reporting person) stated there was a Male White, mid thirty’s, wearing a red baseball cap, blue jacket, blue jeans and cowboy boots, fighting with other patrons… Routine Bar Call? Two officers showed up, the man in the red baseball cap, grabbed a beer bottle from the nearby bar, grabbing onto the top, broke the bottom away and squared himself off in front of the two officers.

    “There are a lot of people in this bar” – one of the officers thought. At this point, both of the officers had their weapons drawn. They were at a semi-low ready – only milliseconds from being at the current aiming position to being “on target”. One of the officers decides to fire a warning shot – Not in the Air like in movies, but into the wooden base between the bar and the floor. That officer was armed with a .45 caliber Glock 21. Immediately after the shot rung out, the officer came back to being aimed directly at the drunk and belligerent suspect. (The Glock .45 has a distinctive sound when fired 🙂 ) That goes double in a crowded bar where alcohol is the drug of choice.

    The suspect dropped the razor sharp beer bottle neck and submitted to further orders by the officers and went to jail.

    This scenario, while true, is an exception to the story of Warning Shots as they relate to LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) work and within real estate.

    When taking the time to meet with a realtor, developing partial trust, and viewing properties, when you find the one you want – don’t fire a warning shot, you may miss!

    Today’s real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley is moving fast. In fact, we have been watching as the “serious buyers” are getting what they want. Serious from a view point of not using warning shots to secure their offers. The “savvy buyers” have had their agent do their research, they know the exact value of the home they want to buy, they know what type of financing it will take with costing the seller as little as possible, and they have that package prepared and submitted with their offer.

    This knowledge based post is not about “offering more money”. Heck if that were the case, those cops might as well just thrown a box of bullets at the bad guy.

    When offering today, go into it armed. Get your real estate agent on board and have them present your offer with the facts, not just your offer “alone”. It makes it easier for the listing agent to communicate your offer to the seller. It also makes is more comfortable for the seller to accept your offer.

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