Warming up the cup before pouring in the coffee

    I have a client that was referred to us by her son. I worked with her son while on Motors at the LAPD, he is a very good friend. She is at least 90 years old and from another generation.

    One which is less quick to be offended and shoot straighter from the hip.

    We listed her home in Lake Arrowhead and are currently in escrow – as far as the date of this post. 3/26/2018.

    Because of who she is and how wonderful she is, I wanted to take additional steps with her and ensure she remains “relaxed” throughout the sale process.

    This includes delivering paperwork to her in person. She does not have email, I love that!

    I went to her home in Glendale, which she lived in as a child, and she asked me if I’d like a cup of coffee.

    I said yes and she started making it while I got my paperwork in order to ensure not a signature or initial was missed.

    I noticed she filled a couple of coffee cups with water. She then put these cups in the microwave. I assumed this was going to be instant coffee.

    She then brought out a can of coffee and loaded it into a drip coffee maker, added water, then turned on the machine.

    I watched in a secretive manner. I pointed out a couple of places where I needed her initials after explaining what she was signing.

    She understood and went back to serve the coffee. She pulled the cups from the microwave and I observed as the water was steaming.

    She poured out the water and immediately filled those same cups with coffee.

    I asked, “I have been secretly watching you and I am confused.”

    She replied, “You should never serve coffee in a cold cup. I like my coffee hot, so hence the ritual.”

    And hot it was. From another generation, I explained that I had never seen that done before. I have never had coffee served in a preheated cup.

    Good for you Maryann – May you live as long as you desire and have everything you ever want.

    Thanks go out to Rich, who trusted me enough to refer his mom to me.

    SMH – heating up the coffee cup – amazing!

    I’m Connor MacIvor and I’m a Realtor with REMAX Gateway. I’ll be here for you when you are ready.

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