Visit the LA Police Academy in Elysian Park

    I remember back in the day, running through the hills of Elysian Park in Los Angeles.  After my certification with the LAPD, the next step was the ominous “Black Line” day at the Police Academy.  All of us new recruits were wearing our Sunday BEST and were all exceedingly nervous.  come visit with us at the lapd police academy

    The “traditional” screaming(motivation), started upon our arrival at the Police Academy.  We were all instructed to run upstairs to the Gymnasium and line up on the “Black Line”.

    You’d be surprised how easily it was to screw up lining up on a black line that was painted on the gym floor…

    I had a 17 year run with the PD, I remained a LAPD Reserve to date, and am totally glad that I did.  There is a lot of history with me and the men and women with whom I served.

    For our clients, if you are around the Elysian Park, Dodgers Stadium and the Police Academy, give us a shout so we can show you around.

    Give us a call if you want to come up to visit the Lounge, The Cafe, The LAPRAAC store, or just to tour the grounds.  Of course, after you absorb the sights and get some LAPD memorabilia for the kids, we can have a sit down amongst the ambiance of the police academy and talk.

    If you are a past client – this offer is extended to you too.  It’s always nice to re-connect to those from our past.


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