Valencia real estate foreclosures and bank owned real estate

    We completed the market updates for Santa Clarita Valley Cities – We also have gotten into more “Specifically Valencia” real estate.

    We have several resources below that will give you the intel you are looking for when it comes to everything that is Valencia.

    Valencia Foreclosures

    Valencia Short SalesValencia home experts in Caifornia

    Valencia pre Foreclosures

    Valencia Real Estate

    Try anyone of these local Valencia CA real estate expert resources to see the “further intel” as it relates to Valencia.

    Now, for the ‘rest of the story’.  The Santa Clarita Valley real estate prices, for the most part, are in a lull.  They are standing by to stand by because of the raising of interest rates last week.

    Couple that with the “lack” of homes to sell, equals a “lull” or stagnant market.

    When a listing hits the local market for sale, it obtains multiple offers within hours.  Even, if that listing is over priced – which equates to “Over zealous” sellers. 

    One thing that today’s real estate sellers can rejoice in is the fact, some of the “cash buyers” are waiving their appraisal contingencies.  They are also agreeing to come in with the difference between the list price and the price the home appraises for in cash.

    That beats the “heck” out of the FHA, VA and Conventional buyers in the market for sure.  With FHA, depending, you can pay the difference – the same goes for VA, but why would you?  In an inclining market with no relief in sight – it is something that is being realized, more and more often.

    The only thing that trumps that type of buyer’s offer, is better financing, or no financing at all – Cash.

    Make sure you are working with real estate experts in your local market.  Make sure they are writing about the current market and giving their intel in a factual way(verifiable).  Be safe – talk soon.

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