Valencia real estate and home prices January 2013 – September 2017

    I get questioned a lot about the real estate market in Valencia and within the Santa Clarita Valley. I’m always honored, it is my job by the way – (BTW).

    I pulled the historical data from the Multiple Listing service showing some of the latest data showing the historical median prices for Single Family homes in Valencia California.

    I also built a graph showing the various data points for Valencia California real estate – SFR’s which were sold and the days on market trends.

    You can see that demand is still high today looking at the Days to Sell indicated by the blue field on the graph. We have been monitoring Valencia real estate and housing market data closely due to our high buyer and seller demand therein.

    Want to buy a Valencia home?

    If you could see the data points for Valencia California back to 2011 and 2012 you’d see that those were the low points after the past foreclosure cycle.

    We hit bottom at the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 in Valencia California. Talk about homes being on sale at that time, they were.

    Currently we are 10-15% off of peak prices which were experienced back in 2006 and early 2007 in Valencia California.

    It was at that time when the market tanked after the sub price lender sank.

    There are more controls today with lenders lending on real estate than ever before. Rules exist to keep the buyers safe which add to the security of the current housing market.

    Want to sell a Valencia home?

    There are several factors which could cause the real estate market to start to lose traction, where home prices would start to reduce.

    Interest Rates Increasing – While real estate interest rates are historically low and while most see them being the best deals ever, nothing lasts forever. With the FED meeting three more times in 2017 – September 19/20 – October 31 and November 1 – December 12 and 13, 2017 – there is time to have the interest rate raised. It could also be they won’t change a thing.

    Additional real estate inventory – I have been watching Valencia real estate in California, there is a trend happening, more real estate inventory is coming onto the market. Not enough to start calling it a surplus, but enough to build a 2-3% increase of active homes for sale. This is one to watch!

    Natural Disasters – This happens, and it’s unfortunate. We saw recently Texas and Florida get hit by one of the worst recorded storms ever. In some cases this causes people to move away and to “let go” of their homes creating a localized foreclosure cycle.

    I will keep my eyes on the Valencia real estate market, as I do with Santa Clarita Valley and other Southern California Cities. I will also keep you appraised as to what is happening.

    View the actual Valencia Homes and Real Estate listings

    Month Days to Sell, Median List Price, Median
    Jan 2013 24 $484,400
    Feb 2013 60 $469,450
    Mar 2013 45 $468,250
    Apr 2013 37 $471,250
    May 2013 28 $487,450
    Jun 2013 27 $479,900
    Jul 2013 36 $509,000
    Aug 2013 38 $527,500
    Sep 2013 45 $539,900
    Oct 2013 42 $499,990
    Nov 2013 44 $520,000
    Dec 2013 50 $510,000
    Jan 2014 50 $559,950
    Feb 2014 38 $542,450
    Mar 2014 44 $535,000
    Apr 2014 46 $519,900
    May 2014 44 $575,000
    Jun 2014 46 $550,000
    Jul 2014 43 $565,000
    Aug 2014 54 $552,500
    Sep 2014 57 $557,450
    Oct 2014 78 $559,000
    Nov 2014 55 $550,000
    Dec 2014 52 $496,250
    Jan 2015 79 $539,875
    Feb 2015 41 $574,975
    Mar 2015 46 $524,500
    Apr 2015 46 $589,000
    May 2015 53 $585,000
    Jun 2015 44 $586,950
    Jul 2015 47 $559,000
    Aug 2015 49 $567,750
    Sep 2015 49 $569,000
    Oct 2015 51 $569,500
    Nov 2015 57 $557,425
    Dec 2015 55 $598,500
    Jan 2016 58 $605,000
    Feb 2016 70 $619,000
    Mar 2016 45 $585,000
    Apr 2016 42 $624,500
    May 2016 47 $584,000
    Jun 2016 47 $599,000
    Jul 2016 45 $599,475
    Aug 2016 51 $591,750
    Sep 2016 57 $599,000
    Oct 2016 31 $599,450
    Nov 2016 36 $585,000
    Dec 2016 42 $599,450
    Jan 2017 38 $615,300
    Feb 2017 53 $644,450
    Mar 2017 31 $609,750
    Apr 2017 18 $620,000
    May 2017 8 $629,000
    Jun 2017 11 $649,445
    Jul 2017 16 $648,944
    Aug 2017 17 $657,500
    Sep 2017 10 $674,900



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