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    Valencia CA Real Estate Experiencing a Dramatic Price Decrease

    The Real Estate Market in Valencia CA for Single Family Residences in all of the Areas of Valencia CA – Zip Codes 91355 and 91354.

    Good Market data is something that our clients appreciate – as do I.  Enjoy the photos that were compiled by actual Santa Clarita Real Estate Closing Data.

    Closing out the Month of September 2011.

    This first photo is of the Paris911 Team Logo with RE/MAX of Santa Clarita.

    Valencia Real Estate




    You will notice that within the Areas that incorporate Valencia CA We have had  a shift during the past three months to having more properties under contract.  That equates to having more homes in Escrow than in the two months preceding September of 2011’s closing figures.


    We either had a HUGE reduction in the Prices of homes in Valencia CA – or there was a few that closed that were in a higher Quartile.  I am going with the “or” part of the preceding answer. You can see by the graph for Valencia CA Real Estate below that there was a substantial shift between August 2011’s closing figures when compared to September 2011’s…  If you find that impressive, check out one year ago to September 2010.
    Valencia Real Estate

    Median For Sale Versus Median Sold Prices for Valencia CA.  Looking back to September of 2010 – you will see the GREEN line overpowering the RED one – GREEN = Sold Prices – RED = the price the home was when it was for sale.  When you have Red lines overpowering Green lines – you can deduce the sellers wanting more for their Valencia CA Real Estate than consumers are willing to pay.  In the current market, you can also factor into the equation, “More than the banks are willing to lend…”
    Sell my Valencia Home

    Numbers of sales in Valencia CA that have actually closed Escrow.  These are numbers that apply to Single Family Residences in Valencia CA only.  When you look at this graph you will notice that we had less closings of Valencia CA properties, than in the three preceding months – From June 2011 through Closing figures in September 2011.
    Homes sold in Valencia has decreased


    What do these figures mean? – We are still strong and steady overall in Valencia CA Real Estate.  No dramatic shifts that should be giving you the “willies” or sending chills up your spines.  Hang in there – we are not out of the woods yet – but we will be one day, hopefully soon.

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