Valencia CA home sellers are not at odds any longer

    real estate agents in ValenciaThere was a time when transparency amongst real estate agents was uncommon.

    Today there is transparency online when you are viewing most real estate agent’s websites.

    Lots of promises and not much in the way of delivery.

    Today they, the Valencia CA Realtors, will be the first to tell you how transparent they are.

    Here’s what I know when we meet with a Valencia CA home seller, they are able to size us up pretty quick.

    There is way too much information online in the way of “Questions to ask” a Realtor when considering using them to sell your home.

    Here are 10 questions, you can have at your disposal, when interviewing agents.

    Don’t forget to call me personally so I can also interview for the job of being your Valencia-Santa Clarita Realtor 🙂

    1 – How long have you been a Real Estate agent in Valencia, (or insert city name here):

    Just a cute reminder – You want to find out how long the agent you are interviewing has been a licensed Realtor, working for a “reputable” and “well known” real estate company, on a full time basis! Some agents may say they have “been in real estate” since XXXX – however, that may include from the time they first bought a home or saw one on tv 🙂

    2 – What Designations or Certifications do you have?

    This comes up from time to time. Certifications don’t always add value to the agent you are interviewing. See what they say and how comfortable you are with their reasoning why they have them or why they don’t.

    I’d want to know more about where they rank online and how much traffic their website is getting. Are they writing, are buyers finding them and what is their local “online” reputation?

    3 – How many homes did you sell last year and what about your Valencia Based Real Estate company?

    This one is pretty apparent, you are sizing them up. I’d ask for some type of print out – also to be sent before meeting, showing these numbers. Maybe even ask for a print out of the “buyer representations” and then the “seller representations”.

    4 – Did the homes you were listing sell for the price you set?  More or Less?  Please explain.

    You may get a glimpse of one of those “over-value” realtors. They are the those you have come into your home and they tell you that your home will sell for more than everyone else you had interviewed.

    The reason for this is simple – they want to capture the listing then beat you up to do price reductions until it sells. When they give you the “comparable” report – hopefully they deliver it to you before you set the appointment- look at the data and make sure their comparisons are:

    • recent,
    • include the sold homes,
    • close in proximity
    • and are “apples to apples” in comparison.

    5 – What are you going to “actively” market my home?

    Zillow – they have some of the real estate listings and if the Valencia CA Realtor gets your permission, they can include your home for sale or exclude it from showing up on Zillow.

    The same applies to Trulia and the other real estate syndication websites.

    Why would a seller not want their home excluded from those sites? We had “short sale” sellers in the past that were embarrassed at having to “distress” sale their home. They did not want their family and friends finding out. They asked us to those from hitting the Real Estate syndication websites, like Zillow, Trulia, Move and

    Look for active items, not Sales B.S. – and even with this one – have them send it to you before you meet with them.

    6 – Seller Exclusive Representation – or Dual Agency, what are you thoughts?

    In California – unlike in 6 other states – it is legal for a real estate agent to handle both sides of a real estate transaction. Meaning, they are able to represent the seller and also the buyer.

    Are they able to be your representative and represent you and the buyer equally?  Are they going to keep your “bottom line” a secret, as they should. Will they be able to keep the “buyers” bottom line a secret too?

    Find out their thoughts and also ask if a neighbor wanted to list their home for sale, if they would take that listing. (danger can enter if the “neighbor” is willing to undercut you to sell their home).

    7 – Do you have vendors that you can recommend?

    When you sell a Valencia-Santa Clarita home, you are going to need certain “other parties” to be involved in the transaction. Escrow for one. Who is the escrow company the agent uses and are they going to be the best choice to for you?

    What about a Local Lender that will be able to “double app” all of the buyers that write offers on your home, that have their own lender already, as a failsafe measure? What are the relationships between the agent and the vendor?  Why do they recommend them?  See what they say!

    8 – Broker Support and infrastructure to be an asset?

    There is nothing wrong with a solo brokerage. There is also nothing wrong with a small “mom and pop” real estate company. Boutique brokerages are able do great jobs too!

    However, selling your Santa Clarita-Valencia CA home is a big deal. Ask this question and see what they answer.

    9 – Do you have a Mission Statement or Business Philosophy for your real estate business?

    Not many real estate agents have given the proper amount of thought to answer this question in writing. Very few have a Mission Statement or a written Business Philosophy. That too should be sent to you before the date of your appointment with the agent you are interviewing!

    10 – How will you keep me updated regarding the progress of my home you are selling?

    Teams in Real Estate are very common. Those that don’t have a real estate team say that “teams” are bad because they lack their “personal touch”.  I say it’s more about jealously than it’s true.

    However, establish how your chosen Realtor is going to communicate with you. If they have a “team”, see which person will be doing the updating when it comes to selling your home. If I were doing the hiring of a Realtor, interviewing the agent, I would not want to deal with anyone else but who I hired to do the job! – But, I’m old fashioned 🙂

    Let me know when you are ready for me to Sell your Valencia – Santa Clarita Home. I’ll leave the light on for you.

    Resource – what is your Valencia/Santa Clarita real estate worth today?

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