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    Good day everyone, thanks for tuning into our Daily Real Estate Radio show for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

    Today we are going to reference an email that I received from Carl Reese – a Certified and Stellar home inspector who is also a General Contractor.

    This man has the tools to get the job done. Using his vast knowledge and experience coupled with the latest in technology when he is hired to get the “home inspection” job correct the first time!

    Carl Reese can be reached by email and phone – 661.877.1499

    Bad Flooring – High Formaldehyde Levels – Watch out!

    Carl had sent me an email talking about the breaking 60 minutes story about laminate flooring “sneaking” into this country that has high levels of Formaldehyde content.


    Good Morning!  Thought this might be a topic for your radio program.  I don’t know if you saw that CBS’s 60 Minutes revealed Sunday this week that Chinese laminate flooring with dangerous levels of formaldehyde is being sold here in California.  We offer formaldehyde and VOC testing call us if you want your home screened. While it was Lumber Liquidators who got caught today, they’re not the only company guilty of putting our health at risk to save some money.  Six Factories in China were caught placing fake compliance stickers on their products.    China’s laminate failed to meet EPA safe standards. Some samples were 2000 times above safe levels!  A class action lawsuit is in progress. Thought you would like to know, its clearly something I want all my clients to know. Beware of anything made in China, This is one reason why I insist on installing MADE IN THE USA products.
    Santa Clarita home inspectors

    Shoutout to someone I met recently

    During my travels this week, I was in Starbucks in between a listing photo shoot and a home inspection in acton. This Brought me to the Starbucks at 47th street east and Avenue S in Palmdale.

    While sitting at a table, taking electricity for my Mac and sipping on a hot large coffee (I still say large 🙂 ), with a few pumps of the sugar free Vanilla, there was a gentleman sitting across from me.

    Santa Clarita PrimericaHe asked me what “paris911” was all about. I still wear a “uniform” of sorts, old habits die hard…

    So I explained. “Paris – for a person, not that person, and not a place, but one of the team leaders of our Real Estate representation and consultation team. The 911 – that is in reference to me having been LAPD for a long time – So Hence our internal RE/MAX Branding as the Paris911 Team.”

    I then asked about him. His name is Nestor H. Urbina and he is with Primerica. He is their regional vice president and he can be reached at 661.547.0746.

    What a nice guy to be certain!  Anyone that takes the time to meet someone else, is going outside of a person’s normal comfort zone!  And I like that!  I’m sure we will be meeting again in the future.

    Santa Clarita Market Watch – Price Changes

    During the time of our radio show recording we had 57 real estate listings during the past 7 days that had their prices changed. (it went up by the time I had a chance to take the screenshot of current market activity)

    That is a healthy amount of homes that have had their listing prices modified prior to being in escrow.

    Some of these real estate listings may have been in escrow at one point. Some may have fallen out causing the “reduction” in listing price.

    However – we are currently tracking these 57 properties in the Santa Clarita Cities that had their prices changed.Santa Clarita daily radio show

    7 of these real estate listings had increases in listing price.

    50 were reductions from listing price to listing price.

    The market in the Santa Clarita Valley is still showing signs of instability and sellers, in some cases, are pricing their homes at prices more than the current “on market buyers” are willing to pay.

    That is why they are reducing their prices prior to being in contract, for the most part.

    We have resources for you to monitor the latest in Santa Clarita Valley Housing.

    Research.SCV.House – is our Santa Clarita Housing Research Site – you can find out information about the current home you own. The system will send you listing updates in your neighborhood and on your specific street.

    We also have given you the ability to monitor an entire section or city – even a specific zip code. To watch several factors:

    • Median List Price
    • Asking price per square foot
    • Average days on market (DOM)
    • Percent of Properties with price Decreases
    • Percent of properties re-listed (reset DOM)
    • Percent of properties being Flipped
    • Median House Size (square foot)
    • Median Numbers of Bedrooms
    • Median Numbers of Bathrooms
    • Market Action Index…

    Lots of intel available “on demand” from our RESEARCH.SCV.HOUSE website and market data exchange.

    Tomorrows Real Estate Radio show:

    Tomorrow – we will have our Sold Saturdays real estate broadcast. Please Tune in after 12pm to see what is happening with the sold real estate inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities!

    Let me know if I may serve you in real estate. It’d be my HONOR!

    Paris and Connor MacIvor

    Connor and Paris MacIvor are in the Top 1% of Realtors Nationwide, starting their real estate business in 1998 with RE/MAX Gateway - Santa Clarita Valley and Valencia CA. Their becoming licensed real estate consultants and representatives came from the horrible experience they had when they bought their first home. There were many things that the agent they had hired did not explain and disclose, which per law he should have. Getting that agent on the phone after they closed escrow and after he had gotten paid was impossible. Paris and Connor called the broker, the board of realtors, the office manager and all they received was the promise of a phone call back. The remedy did come, but not as fast and in the way they wanted. That act - that bad agent was the reason why Paris and Connor became Realtors. That was all they needed to vow to never let the same fate befall anyone else, that befell them. Today Connor and Paris are focused on client service. Protection and top-shelf service with regard to their real estate clientele. They primarily work within the Santa Clarita Valley and Valencia CA. However, for a referral, where 80+ of their business is referrals they have License and Will Travel to other parts of Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and Orange County to handle real estate transactions for those who trust their real estate operation. Writing on their Real Estate Blog is a passion. SCVnest.com/blog is where you will find over 10,000 real estate articles. Go to SCVnest.com/radio to listen to their latest real estate radio broadcast.
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