Two days before Christmas and all of us have a hidden pain

    I have not been one of those “touchy feely” people since after completing over 20 years with the LaPD. 17 years were full time, but the final ones were as a reserve officer. However, after my resignation was tendered, I was able to get some of my “humanness” back 🙂

    I care, the agents I hire to serve on the REMAX of Santa Clarita Paris911 Team care, I'm not talking about being unable to care.

    Top Santa Clarita remax agents

    I'm just not upset as easily. I am much slower to anger today, because of my police experiences. My “fuse” is much longer and I take my time in making decisions. I also think things out before making a choice. The same goes for how I represent my clients. I think and brain storm with them before anyone signs on any dotted line, we have to make sure they are not making a mistake(together).

    I never take for granted the fact that real estate is really expensive and it's important not to screw it up!

    However, that does not mean that I don't miss those that have passed along over the years. I have been to too many funerals for my fallen bretheren and sisters. People I knew and rode in the same police car wth or along with on Motors.

    It never gets easier, however time seems to do a pretty good job of placing them deeper into the “non recallable” parts of my brain.

    The real estate inventory has not been “healthy for a while now” in the Santa Clarita valley cities. We can give you access to different real estate systems so you can monitor it. Currently we are at less than 2 months of sale able inventory throughout the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

    Here are a few of our most popular resources. You can head to the Top Santa Clarita real estate website and use the macBoX resource that we have at the Top of the SCREEN or go to

    Try the following words inside of it: Inventory – stats – prices – scvintel

    The inventory will show you the current listings and real estate inventory in and around the Santa Clarita valley cities.

    The stats will give you the intel on each of the local Santa Clarita cities and show you where the over all view of real estate here in is.

    Prices will give you the latest and relevant data, for cities of your choosing, so you can see the history of real estate prices, where they have been and where they are today.

    We are local REMAX of Valencia CA realtors. Check out our real estate monitoring system for real estate at , we just did a blog post on our REMAX of Valencia CA website and embedded the slideshare presentation. Here is the location of the slide share presentation. Get your real estate values like a Boss!


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