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    Travel Tuesdays presents SCVnest Monitor your home’s value like a boss 2015307

    Resource: for the SCVnest.com Blog

    Monitoring real estate you already own in Santa Clarita Valley, Greater Los Angeles areas and within Southern California?  We have a system that does just that – stay tuned to see how you can find out what your neighbors home really sold for before their moving truck leaves your street 🙂like a boss

    Good Day everyone, I’m Connor with HONOR MacIvor and I’m your local Realtor in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    As an aside, I remember one day when I was freshly showered and one of those “realtor” door knockers tapped on my door.

    It was early and I had just gotten out of the shower and was in my “tighty whities” (I know – pretty picture).

    I opened the door on the young man – not with me in full view, but with me a behind the door so I could at least make eye contact.

    He was professionally dressed, so I figured he was not selling chocolate bars so his football team could go to Orlando.

    He said he had been assigned to my area and my neighborhood by his office and he was my local real estate professional.

    Nice Pitch, but not nice enough – because I don’t like interruption marketing. At least the interruption type when I’m at home, in my underwear, having just showered and when I have a schedule to keep for my clients.

    But, he pitched and I dodged his efforts. I ran his license – He had his for 6 months. Not long at all. He was already trying to swing at major league pitches when the ink on his license wasn’t dry yet.

    Kudos to his efforts, but I’m sure I could teach him a better way…

    Alas, playtime is over and it’s time to get into the meat of today’s Travel Tuesdays Broadcast.

    Santa Clarita Market at a Glance:

    Santa Clarita housing expertsWe have had 69 new real estate listings hit the market in the Santa Clarita Valley during the past 7 days.

    I have been monitoring the trends that have been created by 57 of the real estate listings in the SCV having their prices changed – they are down in 53 of the cases.

    34 real estate listings in the SCV have BOM’d – entered the back on market scenario. Having their escrows cancelled and they are now for sale again.

    61 homes entered the back up offer status – 11 expired, not selling in contractual time frames – 44(my favorite caliber) went pending and 84 real estate listings sold during the past 7 days.

    As you can see by the 69 new listings and the 84 sold listings – we have been selling more than are being listed for sale during this past week.

    Monitoring your home’s value like a bossSCVnest market snapshot

    At the start of this post on our REMAX Relocation Website, I put up our SCVnest blog resource page via link.

    Amongst our many articles that relate to How to sell your home for top dollar to how to buy real estate like a pro, I have talked about a system I have in place that will allow you to monitor your home’s value like a boss!

    It’s a system I call Market Snapshot and it really will tell you what your neighbor’s home sold for.

    And it will do it well. Relying 100% on the multiple listing service data, which is double checked with the local assessors office to ensure reliability, this system sends reports.

    It shows your specific home on a map with a lot of relevant data to assist you in knowing exactly where your home’s value is.

    I’m Connor – MacIvor, not hyphenated 🙂 – just a bad habit.

    Call me and I’ll be here to give you what your home is worth and to provide you with more tools assisting you with your home buying and selling needs.

    Tomorrow we will have our Foreclosures and Hump Day Wednesdays broadcast. Forelcosures.paris911.com

    Be safe – see you soon.

    Remember – you can listen to all of our radio shows at HousingRadio.com

    Paris and Connor MacIvor

    Connor and Paris MacIvor are in the Top 1% of Realtors Nationwide, starting their real estate business in 1998 with RE/MAX Gateway - Santa Clarita Valley and Valencia CA. Their becoming licensed real estate consultants and representatives came from the horrible experience they had when they bought their first home. There were many things that the agent they had hired did not explain and disclose, which per law he should have. Getting that agent on the phone after they closed escrow and after he had gotten paid was impossible. Paris and Connor called the broker, the board of realtors, the office manager and all they received was the promise of a phone call back. The remedy did come, but not as fast and in the way they wanted. That act - that bad agent was the reason why Paris and Connor became Realtors. That was all they needed to vow to never let the same fate befall anyone else, that befell them. Today Connor and Paris are focused on client service. Protection and top-shelf service with regard to their real estate clientele. They primarily work within the Santa Clarita Valley and Valencia CA. However, for a referral, where 80+ of their business is referrals they have License and Will Travel to other parts of Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and Orange County to handle real estate transactions for those who trust their real estate operation. Writing on their Real Estate Blog is a passion. SCVnest.com/blog is where you will find over 10,000 real estate articles. Go to SCVnest.com/radio to listen to their latest real estate radio broadcast.
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