Transitioning from LAPD motor cop to Santa Clarita Realtor

    The change was not everything I had expected.  Heck, I was a cop for most of my adult life, and I was good and had fun at it.

    I miss the chase and the game.  I miss those with which I served and the 1% pure adrenaline rush that one could not prepare 100% for.

    From LAPD to RealtorHowever, I would not give what we have built to go back.  No regrets at the change from being a Full time LAPD police officer to a Full Time Santa Clarita realtor operating one of the top Real Estate teams in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    I had 4 crashes on the Police Motorcycle.  One of which was my Alive Day on August 12, 1994.

    I did not retire, I did not pension off, I resigned.  But on the same day I resigned I became a Full Reserve Officer and taught Tactics/Firearms at the Police Academy, “Edward M. Davis LAPD Academy”.

    I say that because there are some agents that did pension off and became full time realtors.  I don’t know what was injured or for what reason they were pensioned off from the various Police and Sheriff Departments.  Apparently it was not something that inhibited them from skiing and snowboarding today 🙂

    I became a full time reserve officer because there was still part of me that wanted to give back.  I wanted to teach the new police recruits that’s it is okay to be nice. It’s okay to respect people first.  It’s okay to keep one’s private life unsullied as a police officer.

    It was a good run with 6 additional years until May 2013.

    During that time we had built our Paris911 Team of Santa Clarita Realtors to it’s all time high of 7 Top Producing Real estate agents that represented buyers and sellers in and around the Santa Clarita Valley and within the Greater Los Angeles Areas.

    Today we have 6 Full Time Realtors on our Team at REMAX of Valencia CA, sometimes people have to be let go when they are not up to our Standards.

    Here is a link to our REMAX’s Paris911 Team mission statement.

    Both Paris and I are good with 6, and we are proud to present to our clients that we all work as a team with a common goal.

    To provide the best real estate representation to all Buyers and Sellers of residential real estate.

    Creating the Slideshare presentation below brought back some memories of the transition from a Full Time LAPD officer to a Full Time Realtor.  I hope you enjoy it, and we will look forward to speaking with you soon.

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