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    Santa Clarita real estate blog newsWhen it comes to buying real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley we insist that those homebuyers who want to work with our real estate team in Santa Clarita, attend one of our crash courses on real estate. They are free, without obligation and they will solve many questions today’s home buyers have regarding buying real estate.

    Before we speak about the Top Three Santa Clarita home buyer articles, let me give you some insight into what we cover in our crash courses in real estate.

    By the way – our Crash Courses are handled in person or via conference call with you, me and anyone else you wish to have present.

    Here are some of the items we cover in our Crash Course on Real Estate:

    • Present market dissertation – what type of market are we in today and how does that benefit or harm a home buyer.
    • What questions to ask lenders – you are paying their fee when having them lend you money, it’s important to get your best deal – balancing cost and value.
    • Foreclosures – Fixers – Bank Owned Real Estate – how can you take advantage of properties in distress and what does it take to buy fixers at a discount?
    • How to buy real estate with an investor’s eye.
    • Best Game Plans as they relate to making offers on competitive homes for sale.
    • Offering processes – how to offer less than listing price.
    • Lender programs to watch out for and how to keep safe when needing to borrow money to buy real estate.

    Buying and selling real estate is dynamic, changing with every passing season. We have constructed three top resources for home buyers which will be of great assistance and which are complementary to our Crash Course on real estate.

    The offering process on real estate

    You have been looking at real estate listings and are ready to have your agent make an offer on the “right home”. I put the seven most common reasons as to why offers are not accepted by home sellers. This will be of great service. Read the Seven Reasons why offers aren’t accepted article.

    The escrow process – what to expect

    After you get your offer accepted on the home you are buying, what is the next step? What does the escrow process look like to a home buyer? What should you be expecting to happen within the Escrow process? Read our Homebuyer Article about escrow

    Hiring the “right” Home Inspector

    Real Estate agents have been said to be a dime a dozen. However good ones are rare. I agree with that statement.

    Home Inspectors – maybe 4 for $.25 – but good ones are still at least a buck fifty 🙂

    Seriously though, we wrote a great article about home inspectors, those we have worked with and those who give our clients service and value beyond reproach.

    Santa Clarita home inspector article and resources

    These are the top three home buyer resources which have been shared by tons of our clients and others whom we don’t know – Yet…

    Home Buyer Tips

    New Homes – New Construction Sites –  When going into new homes, at new construction sites to view the model homes, don’t sign anything. Don’t give up any personal information! Don’t even put your name on an interest list. That act, they don’t tell you this, will prevent your own realtor for representing you if you happen to want to buy a new built home from a new home builder.

    The new home builder always compensates your agent, at no cost to you. You will still get all discounts possible, promised and when you have your own real estate register and represent you with the home community. View the New Homes for Sale.

    Open Houses – If you are going out to view open houses, great. However, you may be asked to give up who you are in the way of registering or being asked to leave personal information for the home owner.  The choice is yours. However, I don’t like spam, and I’m sure you don’t either. You may tell the agent as our clients do. “I have a Realtor whom I’m very happy with and will be using them if I decide to buy this home…” That statement will usually stop the agent dead in their tracks at converting you to become their home buyer. View Open Houses being held.

    Our Santa Clarita real estate business was not entered into lightly. We strive for perfection and to ensure our real estate buyers and sellers are well protected within the various real estate processes.

    Reach out to us and please check out our Santa Clarita real estate resources. You have already seen our Santa Clarita real estate blog, if you have clicked on any of the article links from SCVblog above.

    Make sure you also check on our other locations throughout the web for your real estate searching pleasure:

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    Foreclosures in Southern California for sale

    Be safe – I’m Connor and I’m glad to be at your service for all Real Estate Needs in and around the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.


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