Top Santa Clarita Real Estate search engine keeps getting better – Upcoming Changes

    Real Estate Search Explained

    Looking at the Big 5 Real Estate search engines make me wonder why more people are not using local sources.  At least use a source that does not require any of your personal info.  How about using a source for the newest listings that updates several times per hour?

    The Big 5 Do not do this – in fact, a couple of the (big 5) don’t actually have an Internet Data Exchange agreement.  That means any real estate agent can upload any listing they want (even those that are not real and that are meant only to generate leads…).

    Top Santa Clarita Real Estate Search Engine

    If you have been reading our blogs and our content – you will have come across our Diverse Solutions Search Engines – in fact, we just finished a Video about the 4 Variables of how the BEST Santa Clarita Real Estate searches are conducted.

    For an example of one of these SCV Real Estate Search engines – click here.

    Upcoming Changes to our property search portals

    • Radial search will be made available – When you are searching a specific address or neighborhood – it is nice to be able to choose a “Radius Variable” when looking for similar listings – this will work up to 20 miles in increments of 1/2 mile.
    • Draw your Search Area – You will be able to draw on the map where you want to view the results for your inquiry.  So you can get down to the “nuts and bolts” of real estate search and look at properties within an area as small as a block – or even within a Specific School District.
    • Get Directions and Ask a Question Refinement – Have you ever had a question about a property you were viewing on line – with almost instant results and answers to those questions – it will help make search better.  Directions are more obtainable and more pronounced by making them available by the push of a button.
    • E-mail alerts face-lift We never require anyone to register with any of our Real Estate Search engines.  With our Law Enforcement backgrounds, we understand anonymity.  Therefore, if you ever see the value in registering(which there is), you will be emailed the newest listings at the moment they hit the market for sale.  All emails that you would receive only correspond to your very own customized real estate search criteria.

    Let us know how we can help you and remember, if you are working with a Real Estate agent – Please Stay Loyal!

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