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    • Top Listing Agents in Santa Clarita Valley cities all agree on one thing

    Top Listing Agents in Santa Clarita Valley cities all agree on one thing


    1.  Being upfront and honest is always the best policy when it comes to those wanting to sell their homes, condos and town-homes.

    This comes to us by a recent survey that was conducted reference to “What Sellers Want Most”.

    A Close Second was “communication”.

    2.  Real Estate sellers do not want to be kept in the dark when it comes to the “happenings” during the sales process.

    Even if there is nothing to be updated about, they want to know that all things are either going well, bad, or not at all.

    Some Realtors tell their sellers, “if I waste time calling you, with no news, I could fall behind with regard to selling your home…”

    It only takes a few minutes, “They don’t have three minutes to text, email or call me?”, said Susan that was interviewing us after she had cancelled her contract with her previous agent.

    1.  Back to the Upfront and Honest. Santa Clarita real estate sellers don’t like their listing agent sugar coating anything.

    They want to be dealt with square. You can throw all of the Website and Social Media 2.0 crap at them, but in very few cases, that is meaningless.

    They want to know exactly what the Santa Clarita Realtor is going to do to sell their home.  They want to see the “online” results when they or buyers are searching for homes that are currently for sale.

    They also want to know their real estate agent is appearing online, not just with their listing, but with their own brand.

    By Own Brand, I’m talking about the agent they are hiring. What company do they work for, how strong is that brand?  What about the Agent – How strong is their team, they themselves and their “personalized business brand?”

    The importance of hiring someone that has exposure online and offline cannot be stressed enough. Most of the real estate agents fall short in one aspect or another.

    You may hire someone that has exceptional online marketing, but when it comes to their own Brand, they are located where someone would hide a dead body on Google – Page 2 or greater 🙂

    Maybe the Real Estate agents are not with a Nationwide or Worldwide recognized brand, that could impact the speed at which your home sells, not to mention limiting the exposure.

    Look at Realtors, when you are interviewing them, from all different aspects. Make sure they are being Upfront and Honest, and ask them if they are good Communicators.  These questions and listening to them “explain”, will serve you well when wanting to hire the BEST.


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